Mona lisa 1992

The Lovely Lizard Lady!

Vital Liztistics

Weapons: Venomous Mace Spray, Gila Stun Gun, Ninja Nail File Sai, Blow Fish Mace
Favorite Sport: Swimmin’ Freestyle
Favorite Turtle: Raph
Favorite Hobby: Lookin’ good and feelin’ fine

She’s hip, she’s cool, and she’s a lizard. Mona Lisa is her name and bustin’ bad dudes is her game. This leapin’ lizard is friends with the Turtles and is loaded with all the Ninja necessities, like her gila stun gun – one shot and it’s shock city! Look out! Mona’s gonna make the Foot groan with her blow fish mace – one smack and the Foot’s a flyin’. And whether she’s spraying her hair or spraying the Foot with her venemous mace spray can, she’s always lookin’ good and actin’ Turtle tough. So stand back pretty boys – Mona Lisa is here to whack, flip and slap and Foot fools who dare mess with a strand of her lizard hair.