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A Mutant Turtle is a turtle that mutates into a humanoid turtle after encountering Mutagen, or through other means such as gene splicing.

A Mutant Ninja Turtle is the same as above, only trained in the arts of the ninja of ancient Japan.

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is the same as above, only between the ages of 13 and 19.

Human attributes and Turtle attributes in a mutant turtle

A mutant Turtle retains much from its reptilian ancestry but gains a lot of human (mammalian) characteristics after the mutation takes place. This results in a Mutant Turtle actually being more like a human than a Turtle.

Turtle attributes:

  • The ability to swim expertly and remain underwater without having to take breaths for a long time.
  • The stronger sense of smell
  • The Ability to retract their heads and extremities into their shells completely.
  • As with a true turtle, a Mutant Turtle's top (carapace) and bottom (plastron) shells are integral parts of their bodies but different from what they would be with a true Turtle, they are much more bendable and flexible to facilitate a Mutant Turtle's human attributes.

Human attributes:

  • The ability to speak and understand human language.
  • Being warm blooded and thus not having to rely on the sun to warm their bodies up in order to engage in activities. In addition Mutant Turtles have the ability to sweat and their breath is visible in cold air.
  • A human's body proportions, with longer arms and legs and the agility that comes with having those.
  • No scales on their skin and the muscle development a human would have.
  • The ability to be attracted to humans of the opposite gender.
  • The ability to grow hair (Michelangelo in The Impossible Desert) and facial hair such as beards and Mustaches (Raphael in The Wasteland Warrior)

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