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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legend of the Supermutant (ミュータント タートルズ 超人伝説編, Myūtanto Tātoruzu Chōjin Densetsuhen; lit. "Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend") is an original anime video released in Japan.


The OVA was created to promote the new TMNT Supermutants and Metal Mutants line of toys in 1995, and there are two episodes. The OVA was produced by TV Tokyo as a tie-in to the Japanese version of the Ninja Turtles toyline sold by Takara. The first episode, released on VHS in 1996, is based on the Supermutants line, while the second episode, released in 1997, is based on the Japanese-exclusive Metal Mutation line. The OVA features most of the same cast as TV Tokyo's Japanese dub of the 1987 TV series.

In the first episode, they went to a shrine built by the Neutrinos. A spirit living there, Kris Mu, gave them four MutaStones. The MutaStones let them become Super Turtles for 3 minutes. However, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady managed to find the Dark MutaStones which transforms them into Devil Shredder and SuperMutants Bebop and Rocksteady. The Turtles were able to defeat them by transforming into a combined Turtle called the Turtle Saint.

The second episode involves a Saint Seiya-like magic armor that allows the turtles to transform into animals. It also involves a magic mirror that controls the Metal Beasts. The mirror has seven Mutanite Stones corresponding to the sun, moon, and five elements encased in it.


  1. "The Great Crisis of the Super Turtles! The Saint Appears!" (スーパータートルズ大ピンチ!セイント登場!, Sūpā Tātoruzu Dai Pinchi! Seinto Tōjō!): The Turtles explored the temple of the lost Muta Kingdom where they met the spirit of light called Kris Mu, who was contained inside the Muta Stone. In reward, she gives the Turtles the ability to do the Super Mutation, which turns them from regular turtles into Super Turtles for three minutes. When all four Super Turtles turns into one, they turn into the all-mighty Turtle Saint. At the same time, Shredder and Krang manage to find the Dark Muta Rock as they try to awake the demoness Dark Mu contained inside the crystal.
  2. "The Coming of the Guardian Beasts - The Metal Turtles Appears!" (守護獣降臨 メタルタートルズ登場!, Shugo Jū Kōrin Metaru Tātoruzu Tōjō!): The Turtles, along with April and Splinter, goes on a trip to Japan in order to help Hattori Kinzō, in order to get rid of a ghost haunting the Hattori House. At the same time, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady teleports themselves to Japan in order to steal the Tablet of the Seven Elements, so they can gain the powers of the Guardian Beasts.



Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu-hen Original Sound Track (ミュータント・タートルズ超人伝説編 オリジナル・サウンド・トラック Myūtanto Tātoruzu Chōjin Densetsu Orijinaru Saundo Torakku?, Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend Original Sound Track) is the licened soundtrack from the OAV. It was released by Columbia Records on March 20, 1996 in Japan only. This album includes the score from both episodes by composer Takashi Ike. Also included, are TV size versions of the opening theme "Power Up Turtles" and the closing theme "Chikyū wa Ogenki" by Hironobu Kageyama and "Mokkun" respectfully.[1]

Track List

  1. パワーアップ・タートルズ~オープニング・テーマ・ビデオサイズ
    Pawā Appu Tātoruzu~Ōpuningu Tēma Bideo Saizu/Power Up Turtles: Opening Theme Video Size
  2. 戦いのはじまり~ダーク・ミューの驚異
    Tatakai no Hajimari~Dāku Myū no Kyô/Start to Wage War: Dark Mu's Miracle
  3. ダーク・ミューの目覚め
    Dāku Myū no Mezame/Awakening of Dark Mu
  4. 負けるなスーパータートルズ!~セイントミューテーションでタートルセイント!!
    Makeru na Sūpā Tātoruzu!~Seinto Myūtēshon de Tātoruzu Seinto/Defeated Super Turtles!: The Saint Mutation of the Turtle Saint!!
  5. クリス・ミュー決死の封印~力をあわせてメガファイナルセイントブレイクを打て!!
    Kurisu Myū Ketsu Shi no Fūin~Ryoku o awase te Mega Fainaru Seinto Bureiku o Ute!!/Kris Mu Decides the Seal's Death: The Combined Power Mega Final Saint Break Strike Shoots!!
  6. 美雄平石(ミュータ石)を求め,いざ日本へ~ハットリキンゾウ参上!
    Bi Osu Hira Ishi(Myūta Seki) wo Motome, Iza Nihon e~Hattori Kinzô Sôjyô/The Beautiful Flat Male Animal Stones (Mutant Stones) Demand, to Japan in a Crucial Moment: Hattori Kinzô Visits!
  7. 亡霊ユキムラのいたずら
    Bôrei Yukimura no Itazura/Failed Attempt of Ghost Yukimura
  8. 大苦戦!お先に失礼,メタルビーストはいただきさ!!
    Dai Kusen! Osaki ni Shitsurei, Metaru Bīsuto ha Itadaki sa!!/Big, Hard Fight! Before Rudeness, the Metal Beast is Received!
  9. 守護獣降臨!メタルミューテーション!!
    Shugo jū Kôrin! Metaru Myūtēshon!!/Protect the Beast Descending to Attend! Metal Mutation!!
  10. 地球はお元気~エンディング・テーマ・ビデオサイズ
    Chikyū wa Ogenki~Endingu Tēma Bideo Saizu/The Earth is Safe: Ending Theme Video Size

Lyrics to the Theme Song

Mutant Turtles: The Legend of the Super Mutant
Into darkness
Mutant Turtles: The Legend of the Super Mutant
Into darkness

Even if we get consumed by it,
We don't panic.
Courage that knows no limits
And a fighting spirit that surpasses the legends
Overflow in our shells.

Go go Turtles!
With a transformation that amplifies their power
Go go Turtles!
Scatter away the villainous gang

We're turtles
Fighting turtles
We're not sluggish turtles

Punch one and two
Kick that wham-bams
Mutants who were born to defend the peace of Earth

Go go Turtles!
With stunning transformation
Go go Turtles!
Reverse dangerous situations

We're turtles
Fighting turtles
Turtles that shine

When our hearts become one
A miraculous merging is possible



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