Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Season
September 8, 1990 - December 1, 1990
List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes


  • Syndication
  1. "Plan Six From Outer Space"
  2. "Turtles of the Jungle"
  3. "Michelangelo Toys Around"
  4. "Peking Turtle"
  5. "Shredder's Mom"
  6. "Four Turtles and a Baby"
  7. "Turtlemaniac"
  8. "Planet of the Turtles"
  9. "Name That Toon"
  10. "Menace Maestro, Please"
  11. "The Turtles and the Hare"
  12. "Once Upon a Time Machine"
  13. "Rondo in New York"
  14. "Superhero for a Day"
  15. "Back to the Egg"
  • Saturday Mornings
  1. "The Dimension X Story"
  2. "Son of Return of the Fly II"
  3. "The Big Zipp Attack"
  4. "Farewell, Lotus Blossom"
  5. "The Big Cufflink Caper!"
  6. "Rhino-Man"
  7. "Were-Rats from Channel 6"
  8. "Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the Universe"
  9. "Slash - The Evil Turtle from Dimension X"
  10. "Rebel Without a Fin"
  11. "Poor Little Rich Turtle"
  12. "The Foot Soldiers are Revolting"
  13. "Big Bug Blunder"
  14. "Donatello's Degree"
  15. "Raphael Meets His Match"
  16. "Raphael Knocks 'em Dead"
  17. "Donatello Makes Time"
  18. "Leonardo Lightens Up"
  19. "Funny, They Shrunk Michelangelo"
  20. "Michelangelo Meets Bugman"
  21. "Leonardo Versus Tempestra"
  22. "What's Michelangelo Good For?"
  23. "Beyond the Donatello Nebula"
  24. "Unidentified Flying Leonardo"
  25. "Raphael Drives 'Em Wild"
  26. "Splinter Vanishes"

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Name That Toon is a season 4 episode of the 1987-1996 series.


The Turtles are watching a spy movie when the television suddenly shows Krang, who is transmitting a message from Dimension X. He declares that unless they provide enough power to return the Technodrome to Earth, he will vaporize a square mile of New York.

It turns out that Krang's confidence is based on an alien computer that Shredder found, which he has been cannibalizing for parts. Shredder orders Rocksteady and Bebop to dispose of the leftover parts, including a motherboard that looks like a keyboard. They decide to dispose of the parts by throwing them through a portal to Earth.

Meanwhile, Irma has introduced April to her friend Howie, a musician/songwriter.

Donatello detects something small coming through a portal, and the Turtles rush off to investigate. Just then, the motherboard comes through the portal in a secondhand store, when Howie is shopping for a new piano. The Turtles arrive afterwards and try to buy the "whatchamacallit," but Howie has already bought it and taken it home.

The dematerializer is set off by Krang, just as the Turtles are walking under it. But two seconds from detonation, Howie's music suddenly starts playing deafeningly loudly on the Technodrome, and the countdown stops. Krang is convinced that the Turtles did something to his machine, and sends Shredder to Earth with a device that will track down the source of the disruptive music.

April calls the Turtles and asks for Donatello's help fixing the "whatchamacallit," which he quickly deduces is the mysterious object they're searching for. However, they don't realize that Shredder is following them to Howie's loft. Bebop and Rocksteady fall through the skylight, and a fight breaks out while Howie sings.

Krang has since reactivated the dematerializer, meaning that they have fewer than twenty minutes to find and get rid of it. Leonardo manages to get the motherboard away from Rocksteady, and April, Irma and Howie rush it down to the news van downstairs.

Donatello and Michelangelo start tracking the dematerializer, while Leonardo and Raphael set out to keep the motherboard out of Shredder's hands. Donatello finds it with only three minutes left on the counter, just as April has wired the motherboard to the Channel 6 transmitting equipment. Shredder and his mutants run in, but are stopped by Raphael and Leonardo.

The music starts broadcasting loudly throughout the entire city, and the dematerializer stops working with only a second to spare. The Technodrome's computers start malfunctioning, and Shredder and his mutants come back just in time to smash one of them.

The Turtles buy Howie a new keyboard, which begins playing itself as Michelangelo comes in with a pizza.

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  • Channel 6 Newsvan



  • Turtlecoms
  • Alien Motherboard
  • Tracking Device
  • Dematerialiser
  • Com-Link

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 4
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • When Krang first feels the effects of Howie playing the motherboard in the Technodrome, the shot of him and Shredder shows him to be smaller than Bebop and Rocksteady, who were standing behind them, and the old Transport Module tubes are seen behind them where before was a normal wall.
  • When Krang first holds out the tracking device to track down the motherboard's interference, his android's hands are flesh colored.


  • The Turtles' first fight with Shredder and the mutants at Howie's apartment was heavily edited for UK TV audiences.
  • First appearance of Howie Hardy.


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