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Nightwatcher smashup
Raphael/Nightwatcher as he appears in Smash-Up
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Nightwatcher is a title used by two separate characters in the TMNT universe. The costume was passed from the first Nightwatcher to the second one following his death.

Official Movie Prequel

In Raphael's prequel comic, the Turtles are busy flushing some Triceratons from the sewers, when Raphael overhears an old man being mugged on the street above. Leonardo refuses to allow him to interfere, however, as he deems the Turtles' current mission more crucial. After the Triceratons are beaten, he goes to help the old man, but finds it too late; the man has been beaten up. He snaps at Raphael for being late to his rescue and storms off to his home. Some time later, Raphael witnesses a mugging-in-progress and beats up the would-be-thieves, giving the victim, a young woman, back her purse. The old man's home had been in earshot of the attack, and he approached Raphael, suggesting he follow him. The old man says his name is David Merryweather, and tells Raphael that back in his younger days, he was a crime fighter. Raphael is skeptical, but before he can find out more, Splinter calls him to see off Leonardo, who is venturing to South America. Raphael and David agree to pick up their conversation the following day.

On his way back, Raph gets a phone call from Leo, who berates him. As he is talking to his brother, he fails to catch that a group of street thugs have broken into David's building. He hears a gunshot, and races to find David lying on the floor, dying. David has Raphael promise to avenge his death, and to take his vigilante gear so that his family wouldn't find it. Raphael is instructed to find his costume, weapons, and motorcycle behind a bookcase. Raphael fulfills the dying old man's wishes.

2007 film

Raph 3
Raph as Nightwatcher in TMNT
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Raphael cleans up the streets of criminals after donning the Nightwatcher uniform. Michelangelo looks up to the Nightwatcher, thinking him an outstanding hero, ironically not realizing that it is his own brother. Although Casey Jones easily can identify Raph underneath the suit. A little time after Raph finds one of the 13 Monsters in a diner freezer chewing on a frozen piece of meat. Raph underestimates the little thing, and ends up getting thrown around the diner kitchen trying to get the little bugger off of his helmet. Raph ends up throwing a smoke pellet in the things mouth. Leonardo isn't able to tell it is Raph until the two of them clash after the diner fight, and Leo knocks off Raphael's helmet. At the end of the film, Raphael officially retires from his role as the Nightwatcher and donates the helmet to the Turtles' trophy case.
Nightwatcher 2
Nightwatcher goes to fight with a criminal
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2007 games

In the console, PC, PSP, and DS games, Raphael as Nightwatcher is a playable character in some missions. He plays differently from Raphael, although he uses sai like Raph, instead of the manriki-gusari that he uses most often in the film. Instead of building up a "Star Meter" like the four standard Turtles, he has a "Rage Meter". The Rage Meter does not deplete when Nightwatcher is hit, and is triggered by a button press. When this is triggered, Nightwatcher screams in anger, damaging all foes on the screen. He then goes into a state like as if he had filled a Star Meter, which wears off only when the button is pressed again, or his meter runs out.

In the GameBoy Advance version, Nightwatcher only appears briefly before Raphael-specific levels, on his motorcycle. Within seconds, a puff of smoke appears, and he returns to Raphael.

Other games

Nightwatcher was confirmed on July 16, 2009 to be a playable character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up It is seen in Raphel's ending that Casey is the turlte's base looking for Raph but can't find him. Then Casey stands still and saids "Oh Yeahhh". The scene then reveals Raph is in the Nightwatcher suit above ground.


The Nightwatcher Stunt Rider was released in 2007.


  • The Nightwatcher costume somewhat resembles the Shredder's, considering the overall theme around the movie, this may have been intentional, as it showed that Raphael was becoming more and more like the Shredder for mercilessly beating down criminals for no reason, just to live out what he believes to be his reason: To fight.
  • Raphael's weapons are Manriki, fitting, considering that they were very useful in direct combat against swords, so Raphael may have chosen the Manriki as the Nightwatcher just in case he fought Leonardo.
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