Spin prod 845090412

Sewer-cover slinging subway car


From rail riding to street surfing, Donatello customized combat creation packs a powerful punch! With the green team all aboard, the Turtles can steamroll Foot with the barrel bumper or cream the Kraang with fast-flinging sewer covers.

Take full control of the Turtles' main group vehicle with this 11'' remote control Shellraiser.

  • Full Function Radio Control Steering (forward-reverse, left-right).
  • Remote Firing Sewer Cover Cannon - fires up to 10 discs at a time.
  • Easy-To-Use Infrared Controller.
  • Fast-flinging Sewer-cover Cannon
  • Comes with 12 Sewer Cover Discs.
  • Super-size Steerable Sewer Slicks.
  • Movable Bumper.
  • Roof Rider Rails.
  • Opening Compartment for Storage.
  • Holds Lots of Turtles Action Figures


Tmnt shellraiser
  • Compatible with all basic figures
  • Figures sold separately
  • There's a sticker inside the toy of a concapt art for Michelangelo's work station in the series's Shellraiser.



Ninja Control ShellRaiser Commercial00:31

Ninja Control ShellRaiser Commercial

Ninja Control ShellRaiser Instructional Video01:36

Ninja Control ShellRaiser Instructional Video

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