"No Treaties" is a song featured in the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour.


He walks in the
and out go
the lights

He says it's
all over
and he reads us
our rights

He hears the
sound rockin
he can feel
that he

Sees bodies moving
but he can't stop
the beat

No treaties
after the war

Thinks he can stop it
bring it all
to an end
but it's him that
we'll break
casue we'll
never bend

The music is movin
so get up and
we're four rockin
and we're takin
a stand

Together we're
to fight and defend
we'll do what we
have to
and we'll find a
to bring back the
and do it today

No treaties
after the war
music is somethin
that can't be
torn down
no treaties
after the war
the whole world is
rockin to a
powerful sound
no treaties
no treaties

After the war
take that Shredder


No Treaties03:20

No Treaties

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