Origami Tsunami
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
Origami Tsunami
Season Code: 102
Episode: 2A
Original airdate TBA
July 20, 2018 (online)
Written by Russ Carney
Ron Corcillo
Supervising Producer
Producers: -
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Christoper Luc
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"Mystic Mayhem" "Donnie's Gifts"
"Origami Tsunami" is the second episode (Episode 2A) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The wannabe heroes try to solve the biggest little problem in the city.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


At the Lair, Splinter watches another episode of his favorite show "Lou-Jitsu", with Raph re-enacting one of the scenes by throwing Donnie and Mikey around. Splinter then springs into action, throws down the soft-shell and box turtle mutants onto the coffee tables break, and the mutant rat remarks that the Turtles will eventually become ninjas with more practice. Mikey and Raph respond that they're tired of training and they can be heroes, with Splinter having his doubts.

Donnie begins looking through news articles online to find legitimate bad guys to stop. Leo denies the guys to find and confront the first two criminals, but instead is interested in stopping a couple of thieves stealing paper across the city. Leo is able to motivate his brothers in going out to confront the "paper thieves" after claiming that their crime is the first major stepping stone in the brothers' crime-fighting career.

The Turtles head up to the surface to find the two paper thieves, in which they spot at the last paper store in town. Leo, Donnie and Mikey follow the thieves, but are easily alluded by the villains, and Raph fails to jump them from above and lands on his brothers. The two paper thieves drive away after the Turtles fail to catch them.

Upon hearing his brothers give up, Leo is able to motivate them and sets up a plan to create a fake paper shop to bait the paper thieves. They use salami "paper", as well as "hire" April to their new paper hut. With the Turtles hiding, the two paper thieves arrive, tie up April and leave with the salami. Knowing that Leo's plan may sort of backfire, and Raph eat the salami, Donnie installs two tracking devices in the meat.

The Turtles follow the paper thieves to a ship in the docks and proceed to confront them. Raph, Donnie and Mikey remark on the thieves' strange appearance, from the feet painted on their faces to the flames on their heads. After Raph asks why they needed the paper, the thin paper thief created an origami ninja, and it starts attacking the Turtles. After Leo slices up the one ninja with his Odachi sword, the thin paper thief begins to create more origami ninjas.

As the Turtles begin to take out the origami ninjas, the thin paper thief creates a larger origami ninja out of all the paper, and uses it to capture Leo, Donnie and Mikey. With Raph the only turtle left standing, he charges at the two thieves, taps into his "smash-jitsu" ability and throws the two fiends at the giant origami ninja, freeing the other Turtles. The large paper thief tries to create more origami ninjas, but Mikey uses his kusari-fundo to release a mystic flare to trick the sprinklers, soaking all the paper.

Before they retreat, the thin paper thief creates another origami ninja with some of the stolen salami, but it falls apart before it attacks the Turtles. Raph then proceeds to eat the salami while his younger brothers scold and watch him in disgust. As Mikey asks if they won, Leo recalls everything that happened in their mission and says that they have. The brothers cheer happily and tackle Leo in a friendly dog-pile in the large heap of paper.


Raphael: "What kind of weirdo steals paper?"
Michelangelo: "A dreamer! You look at a blank sheet and see nothing. They look at it and see possibilities-" (Raph elbows him in the side, causing him to fall over)
Donatello: (looking through his welding goggles) "There's only one store they haven't hit yet, and it is right over there- Oh, convenient."
Raphael: "How 'bout we go stealth and make 'em wish they stole toilet paper?"

(His brothers chuckle at the joke, and even Donnie admits it was funny.)

Leonardo: (stealthily lands on the floor behind the bad guys with his brothers following suit) "Okay, twerp and..." (Foot Lieutenant turns around with a small gasp, Foot Brute looking super intimidating just by standing still) "-Surprisingly big man. It's four against two, so what say we call it a day, right?"
Michelangelo: "Whoa! They got footprints on their faces!"
Raphael: "Uh, are those flames on their heads?"
Donatello: "Feels like a real hazard for a paper thief." (smirks)


  • This episode, along with four other episodes, were posted early on July 20th, 2018 as a sneak preview on


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