Oroku Saki (Stage Show)
Oroku Saki
Biographical information

New York City




The Shredder


Edward Scissor's Face, Shreddaaaah


Ninjutsu, Foot Clan

Weapon(s) of choice

De-Harmonic Convergence Converter, Shredder Armor




Foot Clan

Physical description




Eye color


Out of universe information

Coming Out of Their Shells

Played by

Beau Allen

Voiced by

Beau Allen, modified.

Teachers and Students

Baxter Stockman (henchman)


Oroku Saki, also known as The Shredder, is the Turtles' ultimate nemesis, he follows their tour trying to ruin their concerts and destroy their music once and for all.


In this addition to the Turtles hype following movie fame, Shredder is reduced to even less than a cartoon villain and seeks to destroy, of all things, music using the De-Harmonizer brought to him by Krang. Throughout the show Shredder appears mostly via a massive TV monitor with his main minion being found in Baxter Stockman. His appearance is very loosely based on that of his cartoon appearances, the main liberties being taken in his mask and helmet. He only sings one song in the middle of the show with "I Hate Music", using a remix of the Turtle's background instrumentals such as 'Cowabunga", and "Skipping Stones". Shredder is played by Beau Allen.

Getting Down In Your Town

This is a sequel to the "Coming Out of Their Shells" concert tours. This picks up where the other tour ends with Shredder still trap in the television cyber space. In this set, Casey Jones continuously taunts Shredder throughout the whole show.

During the performance, the Shredder claims to be good and that he has evidence proving the Turtles to be the real bad guys. In the end, it turns out he was just egging the Turtles into releasing him, but in the end he gets sent back to the television cyber space. Shredder is again played by Beau Allen.


  • Shredder hates music, especially Rap. (That's why he raps about it)
  • Shredder places all the music the turtles have ever played in a crystal ball and then destroys it. (Why not?)
  • Shredder silences Kip Reading by electrocution from the De-Harmonic Convergence Converter. (in a kids show)
  • Shredder made a short appearance on the Oprah Windrey Show during the hour "Coming Out Of Their Shells" special.



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