Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


The Purple Dragons (or Purple Dragon Gang) are a fictional New York street gang, in several of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuities. The Purple Dragon Gang is from the Lower East Side in New York City. In all continuities, they're are the toughest gang on the East Side. They often are led by Hun and have some connection to The Shredder, though not always. They are particularly known for their salient transition icon, the image of a purple dragon, which they wear as either a tattoo or on their clothes. They mostly commit robberies and threatened people.

One of the covers for issue #11 of the IDW series shows the Purple Dragons. This version is lead by Angel and unlike the other versions they are not a gang but a "community watch", and that they’re sick of mutants and ninja causing trouble on their turf. Hun has been confirmed to appear in the IDW series story-line "City Fall", he is still the leader of the Purple Dragons and goes by the name "The Hun".

In the IDW version of TMNT the Purple Dragons were also a violent street gang, which under the leadership of "Hun" (Arnold Jones) and Brooklyn S. Bridge had made ​​the streets of Brooklyn unsafe. Under their new leader Angel, Brooklyn's daughter, the Dragons served as a vigilante force against other violent gangs. Particularly well-known members include (behind Angel) Link, Malo and Chun.

In its capacity as the Neighborhood Watch, the Purple Dragons often clashed with the Foot Clan, who terrorized the neighborhood, and also had unpleasant experiences with the mutants Old Hob and Alopex. Finally, the leadership of the Purple Dragons was wrested by force from Angel by a resurrected Hun, and the Dragons reverted to their former existence as a violent street gang.



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