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Biographical information

New York City


Dogpound (formerly)
Rahzar (currently)


Chrissy B.
Rad Brad


Human Form:
First Mutation:
Enhanced Strength
Heightened senses of hearing and smell
Second Mutation:
Enhanced Strength, Agility,and Reflexes
Heightened senses of hearing and smell
Bone Spike Projection

Weapon(s) of choice

As Mutant:
Canine Claws & Teeth
Bone Spikes


Martial Arts Celebrity
Shredder's Apprentice
Ninja assassin


Foot Clan

Physical description

Human (formerly)
Mutant Akita Dog




8'0", 243cm (as Dogpound)


879lbs, 399kg (as Dogpound)

Hair color

Brown (as Bradford)
Light Brown and White (as Dogpound)
Dark Brown (as Rahzar)

Eye color

Blue (as Bradford)
Red (as Dogpound)
Yellow (as Rahzar)

Out of universe information

2012 series

First appearance

Human Form:
New Friend, Old Enemy
Fisrt Mutation:
The Gauntlet
Second Mutation:Mikey Gets Shellacne

Voiced by

Clancy Brown

Teachers and Students

Oroku Saki


"I feel the mutagen coursing through me. I'm faster, stronger, more powerful than ever. I feel like a ninja again."
— Rahzar

Chris Bradford is one of The Shredder's top henchmen. As a human, he was a very skilled and quite well known Martial Artist, with his own line of dojos. By night, however, he operated (and still does) as a ninja under The Shredder's employ. After coming face-to-face with Shredder's enemies (the Turtles) a few times, he came into contact with the substance known as Mutagen, transforming him into a giant anthropomorphic dog, which caused Michelangelo to dub him "Dogpound". In Mikey Gets Shellacne , Bradford came into contact with mutagen a second time, at which point he mutated into a more wolf-like form and became known as "Rahzar".


As a human, Bradford was tall and muscular and with a dark brown beard, resembling the real life actor Chuck Norris.

Once mutated into "Dogpound", he bore many characteristics of the dog breed known as Akita. He had orange fur over the majority of his body, and white fur on his palms and stomach area. His most notable features included large, jagged spikes running up the center of his back (and spine). He also had spikes protruding from his left shoulder. His right hand was completely encrusted in the same material as his spikes were - and could be effectively used to block attacks from swords, sai, etc. There was also a notable difference in the size of his two arms; His left was much larger than his right one, and his right arm was quite a bit shorter and smaller than his left. He still wore the pants of his original, human suit, though they were torn at the cuff of the pant legs.

As his new form as Rahzar, he appears similarly to a skeletal 'Werewolf' with slightly darker fur. His body is now long and very bony. He has fur that has more of a silver tone, a longer snout with larger teeth, and his hands now appear to be made entirely out of bone.



Bradford before his first mutation

Chris Bradford is a martial arts master and a world-famous celebrity. A comment of Xever's, ("Rich Boy"), alludes that Bradford came from a wealthy background. Michelangelo attempts to make friends with him using social networking. Little does he know that Bradford is a member of the Foot Clan and is Shredder's star pupil. He also served as the Shredder's second in command. Bradford, in an attempt to win Mikey's trust, teaches him his secret technique, which Mikey, in turn, teaches to his brothers. Splinter notices this move as being a signature move of The Shredder's, thus making them realize that Chris Bradford is evil and Mikey is in trouble.

Mikey returns and he is trapped by Bradford. The other Turtles come to rescue Mikey, and then they let Bradford follow them into the Sewer, where they ambush Bradford and his rival/partner, Xever. When they all return to the lair, Michelangelo ceremoniously unfriends Bradford from the website.

He later returns in the episode Never Say Xever, because Bradford failed to catch the Turtles, Shredder puts Xever in charge, much to Bradford's dismay. At the fortune cookie factory he holds off Donnie and Mikey in battle. When Xever kidnaps Mr. Murakami and threatens to throw him over a building, the Turtles lock Bradford in a trash can and threaten to throw him over the building. Xever is unaffected, saying "he's not my friend" and seeming enthusiastic about it. When Bradford escapes, he asks Xever how he was so sure that they were bluffing, and he told him that he wasn't. He then teams up with Xever to take down the Turtles. While Xever shows off his success and mocks Bradford for being locked up, Fong gives Leo his sword back and allows him to destroy a nearby water tower, which flooded Xever, Bradford, and the Purple Dragons off the roof. Shredder did not take the news of failure lightly and planned to take on the Turtles himself.

In The Gauntlet, Bradford and Xever go after the Turtles again. He stabs open the container of the mutagen bomb to take the turtles down with him and Xever, but the turtles dodge his attack. Like Xever, Bradford ends up covered in the mutagen and mutates into a powerful canine creature (part of the mutation was contributed when he was bitten by Shredder's pet Akita Inu Hachiko earlier). Xever also mutates into a giant fish at this time, prompting his later name of "Fishface"

In Panic in the Sewers, the Turtles encounter the mutant Bradford during a spying mission. He overwhelms them, forcing them to retreat. Mikey names him "Dogpound" after this, and all the Turtles call him that from then on. Later, Dogpound leads the Foot's scheme to steal a tanker of acid that reacts violently with water, planning to destroy the sewers with it. He grabs April O'Neil and proceeds with the plan. After a protracted battle, Mikey uses a water balloon to ignite the leaking acid, blasting Dogpound away. Dogpound reports this failure to the Shredder, who slices off one of his shoulder spikes as punishment.

In Mousers Attack!, Dogpound finds his mutant form useful in extorting the Purple Dragons and taunts the mutant Xever about his useless fish body. Shredder interrupts and warns Dogpound that their primary goal is to find information on Splinter and the Turtles, or that he'll be killed. Later, Fong of the Purple Dragons comes to Dogpound in an old futon factory with cell phone stolen from April, a friend of the Turtles. Dogpound wants to use the phone to find out where Splinter is, but Fong is unable to unlock the phone. However, when Tsoi and Sid bring Baxter Stockman to him, he forces the inventor to hack into the phone for him. Michelangelo and Donatello try to get the phone, but Dogpound stops them and holds them captive. Stockman almost succeeds but the Turtles interfere, bringing an army of Mousers with them. During the fight, Dogpound and Stockman are doused with a tracking chemical that makes them the Mousers' next target. Dogpound tries to escape with Stockman and the phone, but it is broken by a Turtle's throwing knife. He returns to Shredder with Stockman in tow. Shredder is angry with Stockman for his interference, but lets him live because he could be of use.

In The Alien Agenda Dogpound is seen laughing at Xever's misfortune, while Stockman tries to get Xever's robotic legs working.

Popup bio dogpound

As Dogpound

In Baxter's Gambit, he returns along with Fishface and the two abuse and threaten Baxter. He and Xever are bait for The Turtles into the Maze of Doom. Dogpound makes a temporary truce with the turtles in the labyrinth. He is stuck with Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo. In the end he and the company defeat Stockman and then go back to their base, because they were just too exhausted to fight once more and decided to try to destroy the turtles next time they meet instead.

In Pulverizer Returns, Dogpound is seen getting beaten up and abused by Shredder due to his failure to find more Foot Clan Soldiers. However, Shredder then suggests that him and Dogpound should use the Kraang's technology to upgrade the Foot Clan. Dogpound is seen fighting the turtles with Xever and soldiers, and Xever aided in Bradford's experiment with The Pulverizer, who mutated into a giant transparent blob monster in the end.

In Booyaka-Showdown, Part 1, Dogpound and Fishface serve as the obstacle between Splinter and Shredder. When questioned by Fishface, Dogpound explains that Splinter (also known as Hamato Yoshi) and Shredder trained in the same ninja clan, but that Splinter "betrayed" Shredder, ending the two's friendship. He acknowledges that Splinter has as much skill as Shredder, but disparagingly claims that he "doesn't have the guts to finish the fight." Splinter soon arrives and engages the two in battle, quickly demonstrating his superior skill to both. Defeated, Dogpound and Fishface depart, leaving the two rivals to their battle.

In Mikey Gets Shellacne, Dogpound comes to the depressing conclusion that his mutation only decreased his overall power in battle, and thus decides to go after Baxter Stockman who could turn him human again. During a fight with Michelangelo and the Turtles at Baxter's lab, Dogpound falls into Baxter's mutagen tank and emerges afterwards as a monstrous version of himself that Mikey called "Rahzar" who is stronger and more agile. Mikey tricks Rahzar into attacking the electric system as the sprinklers go off electrifying Rahzar, Fishface, and Baxter Stockman.

In "The Manhattan Project ," Shredder sees Bradford's Rahzar form and state he'd look terrible. During this episode, Rahzar demonstrated the ability to eject his bony parts at his opponents. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman ", where he and Shredder confront Baxter of his miserable failure, and ended up having his mutagen collar explode, turning him into a mutant fly after a fly touched his nose. When Rahzar and Foot-bots arrived to see Baxter, the mutant fly quickly destroyed the Foot-bots and escaped. Later, when Shredder told Stockman-Fly to make one last mutant, Rahzar tossed a chocolate bar for Stockman to eat.

In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto ", he teamed up with Tiger Claw to get the Kuro Kabuto (Shredder's helmet).

He reappears in "Vengeance is Mine ", where he and Fishface were distracted by Michelangelo's shadow puppet skills. During the fight, he scratched Mikey on his left arm. Rahzar then fell off the building and landed in a pile of trash.

In the Invasion Part 1, he tells Shredder the Kraang will bring Leonardo to them.

In the Invasion Part 2, he tries to attack the turtles, but Michelangelo crushes him with a sofa.

Rahzar would later appear near the end of Vision Quest as Michelangelo's spiritual opponent.

In "Serpent Hunt", he and Fishface are forced by Shredder to hunt for Karai or risk being handed over to Tiger Claw. After the Turtles manage to track down Karai at a warehouse and try to convince her to come home, the two ambush all of them, hitting Karai with a taser and gasing the warehouse. However, the two argue who will get to take her back to Shredder back on Fishface's motorcycle, which causes Anton Zeck to steal the motorcycle and Karai. Later, he and Fishface appear with Shredder at the docks following Ivan Steranko making a proposal with his old friend where if he and Zeck hand over Karai, they get out of the city. Leonardo and the other Turtles intervene with this, leading to a brawl on the docks. Rahzar faces off against Steranko, who uses Karai as a shield to protect himself. Following Leo jumping in to save Karai, the tackle takes both individuals down and leads to him capturing Steranko. After delivering them to Baxter Stockman's lab, he mocks the fate of the two, stating he wouldn't want to be a warthog. After Zeck is pushed into the vat by Fishface mutation into a warthog, Steranko begs that he'd be better as a human instead of the proposed rhinoceros. When he attempts to escape, Rahzar knocks him into the vat as well.


Bradford is fiercely loyal to The Shredder, and at that, very afraid of him at times as well. He is willing to do anything to please his master, even at the cost of his own life (as seen in The Gauntlet). He is unrelenting on the battlefield and is determined to destroy his enemies. His impressive fighting skills make him a formidable opponent, even before his mutation. Dogpound is shown to be a bit sarcastic, self-centered, arrogant and mean-spirited. He does not always get along with Shredder's other top henchman, Fishface, but he is willing to work alongside him to please Master Shredder.

Powers and Abilities

In his human form, Bradford was a fierce and skilled Martial Artist, occasionally able to defeat the Turtles on his own in several of their many encounters.

His very first mutation also had something of a form and function. His body was covered in bony spikes, and his left arm was disproportionately large and muscular, with bony spikes protruding from both knuckles. His right hand was hard and armored with bony plating, able to block swords and other weapons without causing harm to him. However, he was also clumsy at times (due to his gigantic size), yet he was also incredibly strong, able to pick up a car easily with one hand and use it as a weapon. His spikes seemed to grow back, because they were sliced off by both The Shredder's gauntlet and one of Baxter Stockman's lasers, yet they ultimately grew back in the next episode that he appeared in.

As Rahzar, he regains his agility and speed (much to his own joy), but he also maintains his strength. His bony spikes are more developed and have a rather grisly look. His ten claws are also detachable and can be flung at enemies whenever he pleases.


As Chris Bradford

As Dogpound

  • "Well, look what I found. Four soon to be Ex-Turtles." - Panic in the Sewers
  • "The Purple Dragon gang agreed to raise our cut to 80%. No complaints." - Mousers Attack!
  • (to Fishface) "But you are stuck in there," (Taps on glass to irritate Fishface) "I'm sure you'll have your chance to shine one of these days... Master Shredder might get hungry for Sushi." - Mousers Attack!
  • "Aww..., the mermaid's growing legs." - The Alien Agenda
  • "Your signal?! You do what we tell you and then you thank us for letting you live, got it Stinkman?" - Baxter's Gambit
  • (when Baxter Stockman talks about his childhood) "Well, there's a surprise..." (sarcastically) - Baxter's Gambit
  • "Let's finish... this... ohh... forget it... next time." - Baxter's Gambit
  • (to Shredder ) "I can find more soldiers... Just give me time!" - Pulverizer Returns!
  • "How I detest this clumsy body, What I wouldn't give
     to be human again." - Mikey Gets Shellacne

As Rahzar

  • "I feel the mutagen coursing though me. I'm faster, stronger, more powerful than ever. I feel like a ninja again." - Mikey Gets Shellacne
  • "To thank you for this, I'll make your end swift." - Mikey Gets Shellacne



  • Xever / Fishface - They don't like each other very much, due to their 'petty rivalry', but they do make a formidable team when they work together in their fights against the turtles. Rahzar has also expressed interest in eating Fishface "Just to shut him up"
  • Shredder - Shredder taught Bradford in the ways of ninjitsu (as well as telling him his darkest secrets), and he subsequently employed Bradford as one of his top henchmen within The Foot Clan. As implied in the series, Shredder trusts Bradford in locating Splinter, but, to Shredder's disappointment, Bradford has been practically incompetent for such a task.
  • Tiger Claw - Bradford and Tiger Claw develop a friendship over Bradford's admiration of the assassin's skills and their mutual interest to eat Fishface, even if it's for different reasons.
  • Foot Soldiers - He is sometimes seen commanding them what to do. 


  • Leonardo- Hates him.
  • Raphael- Hates him.
  • Donatello- Hates him.
  • Michelangelo- Bradford met Michelangelo on a social networking site in New Friend, Old Enemy. He pretended to be Mikey's friend, in order to gain his trust and learn more about their master through Mikey. He ties Mikey up, and uses him as bait for a trap. Michelangelo and Bradford have been bitter enemies since that episode.
  • Karai - During theier time as allies Bradford and Karai interacted very little, but, it can be presumed by their little interaction seen that Bradford has a rather indifferent disregard for her.
  • Splinter - Bradford (along with Fishface) are both forced by The Shredder throughout the series to hunt down and find Hamato Yoshi (Splinter). Due to this, Bradford has come to despise Splinter and the latter's disciples (the turtles). Bradford has only come into contact with Splinter once (which was when Shredder tricked Splinter into coming to his hideout to rescue April), during which Splinter proved to be the superior combatant to Bradford.
  • Baxter Stockman - When they met in Mousers Attack!, Dogpound found him useful, as he was an inventor who was also capable of hacking into April O'Neil's cell phone (which contained information about Splinter's whereabouts). Though Baxter was their ally for that moment, Dogpound and Fishface proceeded to harrass him when he refused to follow their every order. Baxter then betrayed them once again by trapping them in his 'Maze of Doom' in Baxter's Gambit. Despite the fact that Baxter flew away after he is practically defeated, Dogpound (along with Fishface) were able to find him again in Mikey Gets Shellacne, and they put a mutagen collar around his neck, threatening to turn him into a mutant if he does not turn them back into their human forms. However, Dogpound undergoes a second mutation instead, during which he becomes a skeletal creature that resembles a werewolf.


See: Rahzar (2012 TV series) / Gallery


  • Rahzar's human name, Chris Bradford, is the same as real life martial artist, Chris Bradford; who's also famous for writing the children's fictional series, Young Samurai. (However, he does not resemble the Chris Bradford, (Dogpound), in TMNT).
  • As a human, Chris Bradford resembles Chuck Norris, another real life martial artist and actor. Another such parody is the figure Buff Nordick from the comic story "The Shell of the Dragon". It is also noticeable that Norris and Xever's apparent template, Jim Kelly, have both starred in two famous Bruce Lee movies (Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon, respectively).
  • His helmeted appearance seems to be inspired by that of the Shredder in the original comics.
  • Chris owns an antique Katana blade that is over four hundred years old.
  • After Xever mutated into Fishface, Dogpound took control of the Purple Dragons in Panic in the Sewers, but Fishface retook control after Baxter Stockman finally got his robotic legs operational in The Pulverizer.
  • Bradford's status as a high-ranking agent of the Shredder is analogous with the characters of Hun, Khan, and Tatsu from previous Ninja Turtles series.
  • Michelangelo has a cardboard cutout of Chris Bradford in human form in his room in the sewer lair, despite the fact that they are enemies.
  • In the episode Mikey Gets Shellacne, he gets a second mutation, and is afterwards called Rahzar.  This makes him the first character in the show to undergo 2 mutations. (unless one counts the Squirrelanoid metamorphosis, the Rat King as he injected himself with chemicals to both read minds then control minds or Mutagen Man as he drank mutagen behind Donatello's back because the physical appearance wasn't changed).
  • Rahzar's exposed ribs are an homage to Rahzar's chest plating in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze."

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