Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Season
September 8, 1990 - December 1, 1990
List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes


  • Syndication
  1. "Plan Six From Outer Space"
  2. "Turtles of the Jungle"
  3. "Michelangelo Toys Around"
  4. "Peking Turtle"
  5. "Shredder's Mom"
  6. "Four Turtles and a Baby"
  7. "Turtlemaniac"
  8. "Planet of the Turtles"
  9. "Name That Toon"
  10. "Menace Maestro, Please"
  11. "The Turtles and the Hare"
  12. "Once Upon a Time Machine"
  13. "Rondo in New York"
  14. "Superhero for a Day"
  15. "Back to the Egg"
  • Saturday Mornings
  1. "The Dimension X Story"
  2. "Son of Return of the Fly II"
  3. "The Big Zipp Attack"
  4. "Farewell, Lotus Blossom"
  5. "The Big Cufflink Caper!"
  6. "Rhino-Man"
  7. "Were-Rats from Channel 6"
  8. "Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the Universe"
  9. "Slash - The Evil Turtle from Dimension X"
  10. "Rebel Without a Fin"
  11. "Poor Little Rich Turtle"
  12. "The Foot Soldiers are Revolting"
  13. "Big Bug Blunder"
  14. "Donatello's Degree"
  15. "Raphael Meets His Match"
  16. "Raphael Knocks 'em Dead"
  17. "Donatello Makes Time"
  18. "Leonardo Lightens Up"
  19. "Funny, They Shrunk Michelangelo"
  20. "Michelangelo Meets Bugman"
  21. "Leonardo Versus Tempestra"
  22. "What's Michelangelo Good For?"
  23. "Beyond the Donatello Nebula"
  24. "Unidentified Flying Leonardo"
  25. "Raphael Drives 'Em Wild"
  26. "Splinter Vanishes"

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Raphael Knocks 'em Dead is an episode of the 1987-1996 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.


Raphael sees a comedian mysteriously disappear while doing a show at the House of Ha Ha. Just then, April calls to ask him to go check the disappearance of the comedian at the club. Raphael goes to investigate and is thrust into the spotlight when the club's owner mistakes him for a comedian wearing a costume. Pinky Mcfingers orders his men to kidnap Raphael.

Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo are watching Raphael on TV and see him suddenly disappear. They decide to go to the House of Ha Ha to see if they can find out what happened to Raphael.

Meanwhile, Pinky Mcfingers and his men tied up Raphael in a sack and put him in the trunk of the car. Later, Raphael got out of the bag, but he gets recaptured. Later, Raphael finds himself at Pinky Mcfingers house along with the other comedians. Once he has Raphael strapped down, McFingers tells him of his brilliant plan. Barney Stockman (Baxter's brother) has invented a gag-a-magnifier for McFingers. This machine increases the comedy power of jokes. They are going to hook up the funniest comedian to it and transmit the joke waves all over the city, making everyone hysterically helpless. This will enable McFingers and his two goons to go out and rob the city. Being the funniest comedian, Raphael is forced to start telling his jokes.

Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo track the source of the "laugh wave" to McFinger's mansion and rescue Raphael and the other comedians. Raphael turns the gag-a-magnifier against the villains making them helpless to escape. April arrives with the police and they arrest McFingers, his goons and Barney Stockman.

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Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael Meets His Match


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 4
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • The first shot of Pinky at the House of Ha-Ha was frozen.
  • Raphael uses his sai to cut himself free of the sack he's tied up in, but he isn't seen with the sais on his belt when he's inside the castle.
  • The ties on Raphael's belt where missing when he told his first joke into the Gag-A Magnifier.


  • Baxter Stockman has a brother named Barney Stockman.
  • This is one of the few post-Season 3 episodes to have Michelangelo using his nunchucks instead of the Turtle Line.
  • Pinky McFingers's voice changes mid-conversation during Barney's exposition scene when Raphael and the comedians are strapped to the Gag-o-magnifier.


Raphael: You know what you call a turtle in a steam bath? A turtle-neck sweater. It's not easy for a turtle to get a job, no one wants to shell out the money.

McFinger's men are carrying Raphael while he's tied in the sack: "This guy's putting up quite a struggle." McFinger's Men throw Raphael at the trunk of the car.

Donatello: Leonardo, are you sure you know where you're going?

Leonardo: Just follow me. I know this sewer system like the back of my hand. The House of Ha-Ha is definitely this way. *Hears a groan* Or is it that way?

Michelangelo: I've got a feeling we're in deep muck.

Raphael talks while he's in a sack. "How did I get into this fix? My routine couldn't have been that bad. Those goons may have taken away my dignity, but they didn't take away my sai." Raphael cuts the sack to escape.


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