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Biographical information

New York City
April's Apartment
Jones Farm


Raphael Splinterson
Green Vengeance
Turtle Terror
Lord of the Jungle
Secret Weapon


Lord of the Jungle
Secret Weapon
Turtle Terror

Date of birth

1987 (mutation year)


Master of Ninjutsu
Semi-aquatic Adaptations
Master Sai Fighter
Relentless Ferocity
Physical Prowess

Weapon(s) of choice

Banrai (The Lost Episodes)
Ninja Tek Sais (Fast Forward)


Wrestler (temporary)


Ninja Tribunal Acolytes
Foot Clan (BTTS)

Physical description

Mutant Turtle






197 lbs

Hair color


Bandana color


Eye color

Green (in FF and BTTS)
Red (Foot)

Out of universe information

2003 TV series, Lost Season, Fast Forward, Back to the Sewer, Turtles Forever

First appearance

Things Change

Created by

Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird

Voiced by

Greg Abbey

Teachers and Students



Casey Jones

Raphael in the 2003 TV series is voiced by Greg Abbey. He is known as the strongest and the most aggressive of the four brothers, providing a great deal of interpersonal conflict between himself and Leo.

Physical Appearance

Raphael wears the same knee/shoulder pads and belt as his brothers but his traditional bandana is red, he also has a darker skin tone, similar to an emerald green. In TMNT: Fast Forward's different animation style Raphael appears taller than his brothers.


Raphael's personality is similar to that of his original Mirage counterpart—he is angrier and more sardonic, but not quite as violent (although he is still impulsive). He has a choleric temperament, which means he's passionate, easily aggressive, and bad-tempered. An example of his quickness to anger was when he nearly bludgeoned Michelangelo with a pipe.

His short temper sometimes causes tension with his brothers, particularly with Michelangelo and Leonardo. However, he deeply loves them all, and displays more caring, concerned personality traits when one of them is harmed or in serious danger.

A running gag throughout the world of TMNT is Raphael's fear of bugs (entomophobia). However, in this incarnation, it is less a phobia, and more of an intense hatred and disgust; as whenever the turtles are forced to fight insecticide enemies, Raphael repeatedly exclaims "Why did it have to be bugs? I hate bugs!" rather than showing fear and discomfort.

Raphael is shown to be intensely loyal, and is often the first to react when another of his brothers is in trouble. This happens on numerous occasions, like when he stops a blow from hitting Donatello using only his two sai or kicks the Shredder away from Leonardo when the former is about to attack.

It is shown in The Darkness Within that Raphael's biggest fear is losing himself completely to his anger, and letting his temper get the best of him to the extent that he loses all other emotions. The personification of this fear was the Shredder (who by this point had been exiled by the Utrom), but when Raphael knocked his helmet off, he realized that it was another Raphael in the armor, not Oroku Saki.



As ordinary baby turtles, Raphael and his brothers were bought by a young boy from a pet store. Shortly after, a blind man was walking across the street without noticing a nearby approaching truck. A teenager ran to save the blind man, while inadvertently pushing the boy, who dropped the turtles. As the truck swerved, a canister of mutagen fell out and went down the sewers along with the turtles. The container broke and spilled mutagen on them. Splinter then saw the turtles and decided to keep them, and take care of them. After waking up, Splinter sees the change and decides to train them in ninjitsu. Raphael and the other three turtles trained with Splinter.  

Later in his childhood, Raph and his brothers attempted to teach Casey Jones how to fight effectively, though they were unsuccessful. He also was once attacked in the sewer by a large albino alligator, but was saved by Leo's intervention.  

Seasons 1-4

As an example, the first episode opens with an exercise where the objective was to get the candle Splinter was holding in his hand. Raphael came closest to getting the candle, before he was seen by Splinter and the candle was taken by Leonardo instead. Raph and Leo quickly traded insults at each other, while Michelangelo and Donatello watched. When their home was attacked by a group of robots, Raphael fought alongside his brothers and Splinter. After their home was destroyed, Raphael and his brothers separated from Splinter and went into New York. Raphael ended up being trapped in a van. Luckily, he was saved by Donatello and regrouped with Splinter. 

Ninja Tribunal

Raphael became one of the Ninja Tribunal Acolytes along with his brothers. He is the second of the ninja to focus his spiritual energy through the Amulet of the Acolytes and his spiritual avatar is that of a dragon. Although his friends and family (especially Leo) often bear the brunt of his anger, Juto-Shisho thinks that indignant rage suits him when he boldly steps into the spirit forge and is granted Banrai.

Fast Forward

In TMNT: Fast Forward, Raphael was the only one who was unhappy with the future. In many episodes you can hear him quote "I hate the future." Mainly his anger was aimed at the technique used in 2105, which was highly developed.

The only time he was happy about being in the future is in Headlock Prime as he got to attend a wrestling match since he can now go out in the open. Raphael also fought the villain Triple Threat, who sought to steal the belt and they fought in streets of the city where Raphael was cheered on by the crowd. Raphael earned the nickname "Turtle Terror" for defeating the villain.

Back To The Sewer

In Back To The Sewer, the Turtles return to their present time, and even still Raphael is the short-tempered turtle he's always been. However, in this series there are explicit facts that show that Casey and Raph are true best friends because in certain episodes, Raphael and Casey talk about the future wedding of O'Neil/Jones (April O'Neil/Casey Jones),  and Raphael always seems to be there for Casey and actually quotes "So, ya think I'm best man material, or what?" Thus, in the series finale episode, Wedding Bells and Bytes, Raphael stars as the best man in the wedding; actually catching Casey just as he's about to faint from nervousness twice. Raphael also helps defeat the Cyber Shredder. Raphael is happy to leave the future and be back in his own time (even though he'll never admit it!). Raphael also seems to be the tallest turtle brother in this series.

Turtles Forever

In Turtles Forever, he would comment that he sees the 1987 Turtles as "clowns, not ninjas" but later would jump in and save 1987 Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo from being crushed by a giant 2003 Shredder. He did, however, immediately take a liking to the Original "hardcore" Turtles, yelling "I love these guys!" He even said he would consider retiring to their world.

Skills, Powers, and Abilities

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Raph's relationship with Leonardo is a tempestuous one, as Raph believed as a child that he would be the leader, and sometimes experiences envy over Leo's position over his brothers. As such, he has a rivalry with Leo that sometimes leads to personal and even physical conflict, as well as conflicting viewpoints that challenge Leo's decisions.

However, the two are closer than they appear at first glance. After Leo was nearly killed by the Foot, Raphael was driven to tears over his fear that his brother would die. As Leo recovered, Raphael helped him forge new katanas and served as emotional support, which continued throughout their next conflict with Shredder. In The Ultimate Ninja, Raph attempted to protect Leo from the Ultimate Ninja when he challenged him and lashed out in anger and fear when Leo was nearly hurt.


Raph's relationship with Donnie is the most simple. While he'll often tease Donnie on his intelligence, he'll usually be the first to compliment him on one of his inventions.


Raph's relationship with Mikey is often strained, as Mikey has a tendency to annoy Raph for the fun of it, including pranks, taunting, and boasting about his accomplishments. He also often tells jokes that irritate Raph, prompting Raph to smack Mikey upside the head.

However, it is shown that he does deeply care about Mikey, as evidenced by situations where it appears that his brother has been endangered. When it appeared that Leatherhead had hurt Mikey in Hunted, Raph pleaded with his brother to say something to them.

Master Splinter

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Casey Jones

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  • Like most of his incarnations, the 2003 version of Raphael (like Casey) speaks with a Brooklyn accent.
  • Like his brothers, Raphael is a practitioner of Chi Gong, as shown in "Turtles in Space, Part 3: The Big House".
  • "Banzai" is this incarnation of Raphael's favorite catchphrase.
  • Raphael's spirit totem is the dragon, the same as his brothers.
  • Raphael is the first turtle to cry in the series when Leonardo was badly injured after they found out that the Shredder returned.
  • He has a soft spot for children as is shown in Lone Raph and Cub.
  • Raphael likes his Shell Cycle so much that when Hun stole and wrecked it he stopped at nothing to get even with him.
  • There are similarities in Same As It Never Was and the Exodus, Part 2. Both times, Raphael charges and attacks Karai after she stabs his brother, Leonardo. However Raphael only won once (in Exodus: Part 2).
  • Raphael loves to slap Mikey when he says or does something stupid or annoying.
  • Raphael has never defeated one of the Shredders in this series.
  • His vocabulary: whilst Michelangelo's seem to be that of a surfer, Raphael's are similar to that of a wrestler.
  • In Tales of Leo, Raphael mentioned on how he was going to be the leader, and implies that he wants to be the best to impress either Splinter or his brothers.
  • Has experience in blacksmithing, as he assisted Leonardo in forging new swords.
  • He has a pair of inline skates, which he is highly proficient at using.