Rise of the Turtles, Part 1

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Rise of the Turtles, Part 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode
Season Code: 101
Episode: 1
Original airdate September 29, 2012
Written by Joshua Sternin & J.R. Ventimilia
Supervising Producer Ant Ward
Producers: Ciro Nieli
J.R. Ventimilia
Joshua Sternin
MacGregor Middleton
Peter Hastings
Directed by Michael Chang
Episode chronology
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"Turtles Forever" "Rise of the Turtles, Part 2"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1
September 29, 2012 - August, 2013
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  4. New Friend, Old Enemy
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  10. Panic in the Sewers
  11. Mousers Attack!
  12. It Came From The Depths
  13. I, Monster
  14. New Girl in Town
  15. The Alien Agenda
  16. The Pulverizer
  17. TCRI
  18. Cockroach Terminator
  19. Baxter's Gambit
  20. Enemy of My Enemy
  21. Karai's Vendetta
  22. The Pulverizer Returns!
  23. Parasitica
  24. Operation: Break Out
  25. Showdown, Part 1
  26. Showdown, Part 2

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"Rise of the Turtles, Part 1" is the first episode of the animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series), which originally aired on September 29, 2012.


On their first trip to the surface, the Turtles witness April O'Neil and her father Kirby get abducted by the Kraang. Donnie convinces the others that it is their duty to rescue the O'Neils.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


Deep under New York City, the Turtles are sparring in their Lair; Leonardo is up against Michelangelo, and Raphael is up against Donatello. Mikey begins trying to discombobulate his older brother by avoiding some of his attacks and trying to distract him with sentences like "I could be here. I could be there. I could be anywhere. How are you gonna' stop what you can't even see???''. Despite this, Leo comes out the victor. Meanwhile, Raph easily disarms Donnie of his staff and he splits it in two on one of his own knee-pads. Then, he begins banging his fists on Donnie's shell until the latter simply gives up...After Leo and Raph win their respective fights, the two masters then duel with each other; with Raph coming out the winner. Splinter appears and says that they all did very well, and he then humbles Raph for gloating about his two victories by pinching Raph on the neck and forcing him to say "But the most important thing is that we all did our very best. Good job, every one"...

Later, Splinter and the Turtles are seen celebrating their Mutation Day (which is kind of like their birthday, except for the fact it's a celebration for when they mutated 15 years ago) with a delicious meal of algae and worms, and Splinter once again tells the story of how they once became a unified family (mostly because Mikey was urging him to do so). One day, while he was still human, he bought four baby turtles at a pet store. A strange man then bumped into his shoulder on the street, and sensing something "off" about him, Splinter decided to follow. He found the stranger exchanging a canister of Mutagen with another strange man in an alley way. Suddenly, a rat screeched on the ground, alerting the two men and giving away his position. The strange men then attacked and a large fight broke out, with the canister breaking in the process. Splinter and the four baby turtles then mutated - and Hamato kept the broken canister as a memento of that very day...

After the story comes to an end, Leo asks Splinter if they can go up to the surface now that they are fifteen and are now pretty adroit fighters. Splinter refuses at first, but after some more pleading, he reluctantly agrees to let them go that night. Before going out, Leonardo watches what is his favorite show, "Space Heroes", mimicking the characters' poses and dialogue exactly. Raphael makes fun of him for this, but Leonardo wants to be a great hero one day, just like Captain Ryan from the show. Then, Donatello and Michelangelo join them and they all soon prepare to leave. Splinter sends them off with many words of caution, but he particularly warns them to stay away from people (and bathrooms)...

Once on the surface, the Turtles seem to be very fascinated by the city and how it is so much of a draw from being cooped up in the lair for so long...With every corner that they round and every singal block they actually go past, they all grow increasingly intrigued by the city's 'infinite possibilities'. Soon, they happen upon an unsuspecting pizza delivery boy. Raph jokingly scares him away, but a pizza box falls off the teen's bike when he turns around in the other direction, and it lands on the ground. The group moves from the street to the rooftops where they are way less exposed, taking the pizza with them out of sheer curiosity. Mikey volunteers to taste the strange food first. Not only is it completely safe - it is also delicious, and the Turtles soon devour the whole entire thing...

After they have some fun hopping from rooftop to rooftop, Leo decides that they should pack it in for the time being and go home, but Donnie then spots a teenage girl walking on the street, along with her father, and Donnie immediately falls in love with her, saying "She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen (despite being the ONLY girl he's ever seen). Suddenly, a van pulls up in front of the two Humans and a ton of strange men/assailants jump out and begin approaching them...Leo is reluctant to disobey Master Splinter's orders to stay away from people, but the other three cannot simply pass up an opportunity to 'kick some shell' and save two people at the same time, and he is forced to follow his stubborn brothers...

Just as the girl is about to get thrown into the van with her father, the Turtles come to her rescue, but they keep getting in each other's way throughout the course of the fight. The girl is also just as scared of them, much like she is of her other, truly villianous attackers. Just when Donnie actually starts to gain her trust, Mikey accidentally hits him in the head with one of his Nunchucks...Then, they both end up getting knocked down, the men grab the girl, and the van drives off with the two practically defenseless humans. Donnie then chases after them with Leo and Raph...

Mikey starts to follow them, but is confronted by one of the bad guys that apparently chose to stay behind. When his nunchucks prove to be useless, he then tries to use running as a last resort, but ends up being cornered in an alley way. He swings blindly at his attacker with the blade on the very end of his kusarigama, and is shocked to find that the man is actually a robot with a brain-like alien in his torso. After a brief, intense struggle with the alien, Michelangelo catches up with his brothers and tells them what he had just witnessed, but they don't possibly believe him...

The Turtles go home in shame, where Splinter scolds them for their failure to work together and let the bad guys get away with the victims. He decides that they still are not ready for the surface world and he then onsiders training them for another year and then perhaps trying again, but Donnie objects, saying that the innocent people whom were kidnapped cannot wait that long to be rescued. Splinter eventually comes to an agreement that the two must be saved, and says that, in order for them to fight much more effectively as a unit, the Turtles will absolutely need a leader. Leo asks for the role first, but his brothers argue about it. Splinter says that he must meditate on the matter before deciding. He goes into his sanctum for a second, before opening his door and announcing that it is Leonardo, much to Raph's utter frustration...

Back on the surface, Leo leads the group to stake out a building with the same logo that was located on the kidnappers' van that was used to kidnap the twosome. He believes that one of the bad guys will eventually show up for them to interrogate - if they wait long enough and remain relatively patient. Two hours then pass by, and just as Raphael starts complaining that they're just wasting their time, the same van from before pulls up...As soon as the driver steps out, the Turtles quickly surround him, but he surprises them with a handy laser gun and quickly drives off in the van. The Turtles then take to the roofs - and the chase is officially on.

Eventually, Leonardo is able to use a throwing star to effectively pop one of the van's tires, causing it to crash and flip over. When the Turtles are able to get much closer to investigate, the back doors of the van open and a canister of Mutagen unexpectedly rolls out and stops right at Michelangelo's feet...They all recognize it as the same kind of ooze that was responsible for mutating them all of those years ago...

To be continued...


Donnie: "She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."
Raph: "Isn't she the only girl you've ever seen?"
Donnie: "My point still stands."

Mikey: (While sparring with Leo) "How do you stop what you can't even see?"
Leo: (Leonardo hits him in the stomach) "Like that?"
Mikey: (On the floor) "Good one, Leo."

Raph: (To Snake) "Okay we can do this the easy way or, my vote, the hard way."
Donnie: "Yeah, look at it logically. There are four of us and one of you. What are you gonna do?"
(Snake grabs gun and starts shooting)'
Raph: (to Donnie) "You HAD to ask!"

Splinter: "You all did very well."
Raph: "But I did better."
Master Splinter: "This is about self improvement, Raphael. Not about winning or losing."
Raph: "I know Sensei, but I won and they lost."
(Splinter pinches a pressure point on Raph's neck)
Raph: (In pain) "Ah, ah, ah! But, what's really important is that we all did our best! Good job, everyone!"
(Splinter lets go and chuckles)

Mikey: "I'm thinking of something green. Green. Greeeen..."
Donnie: (Bored) "Is it Raphael again?"
Mikey: "Man, you're good at this!"

Raph: (To Leo) "Give it up already! The guy is not gonna show up."
Leo: "We have to be patient."
Raph: "No! You have to come up with a better plan, 'cause us sitting here with our thumbs up our noses-"
Mikey: "I don't think they fit..."
Raph:"-Is pointless!"
Leo: (Smirks) "Are you sure about that Raph?"
Raph: "He just showed up, didn't he?" (Mutters) "I should've complained two hours ago!"

Mikey: "Guys! Guys! You're never gonna believe this. That guy he-- he... had a BRAIN!"
Leo: "We all have brains, Mikey."
Donnie: "Not all of us."
Mikey: "In our chests?!"
Leo: (Sighs) "No, Mikey. Not in our chests."
Mikey: "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!" (Leo slaps him) "Did you just slap me?"
Leo: "I was calming you down."

(Leo makes signs with his hands that the others don't understand)
Raph: (While making signs too) "I don't know what that means!"
Leo: "Go around back!"
Mikey: "Why didn't he just say so?"


Mikey: "Guys! Guys! You're never gonna believe this. That guy he-- he... had a BRAIN!"
Leo: "We all have brains, Mikey."
Donnie: "Not all of us."
Mikey: "In our chests?!"
Leo: (Sighs) "No, Mikey. Not in our chests."
Mikey: "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!" (Leo slaps him) "Did you just slap me?"
Leo: "I was calming you down."

<tbody> </tbody>

(Leo makes signs with his hands that the others don't understand)
Raph: (While making signs too) "I don't know what that means!"
Leo: "Go around back!"
Mikey: "Why didn't he just say so?"

More to be added...


  • This episode originally aired as a "Series Preview" on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 8:00pm(ET)on Nickelodeon. The episode premiered in its official time slot, Saturdays at 11:00am (ET), the following morning along with the second episode "Rise of the Turtles, Part 2".
  • Hamato Yoshi mutates into Splinter like the 1987 animated series.
  • April and her father are introduced when walking in front of the Second Time Around Antique Store, which April inherited from her father in the continuities of the live-action films & 2003 animated series.
  • Raph's comic book has a picture of the 80's Mutagen Man on the cover.
  • When the Turtles start exploring the streets, one of the store windows they pass has the word "Ventimillia" on it. This is likely a reference to J.R. Ventimilia, one of the producers and writers for the series.
  • Leo's favorite show, "Space Heroes", is reminiscent and a parody to the existing show "Star Trek: The Animated Series"
  • This episode along with the second one were originally called Day One, Part One and Day One, Part Two.



  • When the turtles first see a real pizza, they don't know what it is, and only suspect it is food. However, a scene earlier in the kitchen showed their pizza oven in the background, complete with a picture of a pizza with one slice cut out.
  • Various times, Donatello will use his staff like a pole vault and 'lose' it - however he always seems to have it in the next frame. 

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