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Shiva Shredder
Biographical information

Foot Genetics lab


Multi-Arm Shredder

Weapon(s) of choice

Four arms with blades


Mutant Shredder Clones

Physical description

Mutant clone






215 lbs.

Eye color


Out of universe information

2003 series

First appearance

Return to New York, Part 1

Teachers and Students

Shiva Shredder, or Multi-Arm Shredder, was part of the Mutant Shredder Clones. He appears in the Return to New York storyline the 2003 TV series. He appears at the end of part 1 and in part 2 in the 2003 series. Shiva and was last seen on top of an elevator as it was falling. 2003 saw the release of a figure of Multi-Arm Shredder, designed after the version of the character seen in the 2003 series. A Mini-Mutant version of Multi-Arm Shredder was released in 2008, packaged with Extreme Sports Raphael. This version's body and armour are different shades of gray and silver, and is referred to as just "Shredder" on the packaging.

Shiva Shredder's name appears to have been taken from the name of Shiva, a Hindu deity who had four arms, just like this Shredder.

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