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The Shredder
Biographical information

Japan 300 AD




The Shredder Tengu, Tengu Shredder


The Tengu, Original Shredder

Date of death

300 AD


Fire generating, telepathy, various magical powers, elastic limbs

Weapon(s) of choice


Physical description




Eye color

Solid Green

Out of universe information

Lost Season

First appearance

Legend of the Five Dragons

Voiced by

Marc Thompson

Teachers and Students

The Shredder Tengu was a demon and a former antagonist of the Ninja Tribunal. That character was created for the 2003 Animated Series.


The Tengu named The Shredder was the earliest known incarnation of a being by that name. The exact origins of the Shredder Tengu were unknown; in the year 300 AD, he suddenly appeared in Japan and went on a rampage. The Tengu Shredder's goal was to subjugate the world and to turn it into his own personal empire full of agony and destruction.

To combat the seemingly-invincible Shredder Tengu, the Emperor called upon the Five Dragons: Kon, Juto, Chikara, Hisomi and Oroku Saki. Equipped with magical armor by the Imperial Court, they set out to fight the Tengu Shredder and managed to overpower him. However, just before Saki delivered the final blow, the Shredder Tengu contacted him telepathically, and asked Saki to take his soul in exchange for almost unlimited power. The ambitious Saki agreed to the offer and let the demon's soul merge with his own before he destroyed the Tengu's body with his sword.

The soulless husk dissolved into smoke, but the demon lived on through Saki; in time, he became known as the Tengu/Demon Shredder, the first human incarnation of the monster.


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