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Snapper is a pet snapping turtle found in an alley by April, appearing in the story Raphael: Snapper. In April's apartment, Raph had overindulged on pizza and was feeling nauseous. He notices Snapper and plays with him, but is bit on the finger. The pain and indigestion cause Raph to pass out, dreaming of a giant, monstrous version of Snapper. Snapper taunts and attacks Raph, claiming that by embracing the human world, he has grown weak. He "kills" Raphael, who then wakes up to find April freaking out about the mess he'd made in his stupor. Snapper is just as he was before, a tiny turtle, and April insists he clean up the damage.

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    • He is a real character.and appear in a story called- Raphael:Snapper.
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