Son of Return of the Fly II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
Title Card
Season Code: 4
Episode: 17
Original airdate September 15, 1990
Written by David Wise
Episode chronology
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"The Dimension X Story" "The Big Zipp Attack"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Season
September 8, 1990 - December 1, 1990
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Son of Return of the Fly II is a season 4 episode of the 1987-1996 series.


Major Characters

Minor Characters



Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 4
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • When the clock tower gear debris showers Shredder, Baxter, and the mutants, the colours on Rocksteady's dagger handle and sheath are switched.
  • When Donatello unveils the plaster cast of Baxter's footprint in the lair, he does so in the Turtles' kitchen, but the scene switches to the guys' bedroom area at the beginning of Act Three.
  • Only three of the Turtles, sans Leonardo, are seen arriving at the spot where Baxter and Z had left to go topside and Raphael is seen speaking twice with Leonardo's voice.
  • When Shredder tells Krang that they can't function without a computer, the right back side of Krang's android is coloured grey.


  • First appearance of Z outside his ship, as well as the first time he is given a face.
  • A new title sequence is introduced this episode.


  • Baxter: (breaks into Burne's office) "You September O'Neil!?"
  • Burne: "You mean April? Do I LOOK like April?"
  • Baxter: "Where is she!?"
  • Burne: "Why should I tell you?"
  • Baxter: "Because... I'M A BIG FLY!"
  • Burne: (pointing down hallway) She's straight down that hall!
  • Baxter: (walking away) "Straight down that hall! Straight down that hall!!" (smashed wall and walks through the wreckage)
  • Burne: (scratching head) I don't remember putting any big flies on a pay roll!

  • Baxter: "Ohh! Sometimes I wish I had a fifth hand!"
  • Raphael: "Awww, Don't fly off the handle, Baxter!"
  • Baxter: "Not funny! Not Funny!!!"
  • Raphael: (to camera) "Nobody likes puns anymore!"

  • Raphael: (forcing open Channel 6 doors) Now to bust our away in!
  • Donatello: "Wait!" The destruction of other people's property..for whatever wrong!!
  • Raphael: "Are You kidding me? April's in danger!!!"
  • (the other Turtles head for the nearest manhole and jump in followed by Raphael)
  • Donatello: We'll take the sewer!
  • Raphael: Excuse me, Since when did we become the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Boy-Ninnies?!!!!"
  • (Donatello pushes his head into the manhole)

  • Shredder: (forcing open Channel 6 doors) Bebop! Blast it!
  • Rocksteady: "Wait!!" The destruction of other people's property for whatever reason is wrong!!"
  • Bebop: (chuckling) I know!! (he fires his stun laser at the doors, blowing them to bits)
  • Raphael: I'll show that overblown pocket calculator!
  • Donatello: Wait. The destruction of other people's-
  • Raphael: SHUT UP! (throws his sai at the computer console, deactivating the floor currents)

  • Michelangelo: "Hey dudes, I think our time's up!"
  • Raphael: "Donatello, can you get loose?"
  • Donatello: "No way! Only the most highly skilled ninja master could get outta these ropes!"
  • Leonardo: (Jumps in and cuts Donatello loose)
  • Donatello: "Hi Leonardo!"
  • Irma: April, Burne's not really gonna replace up with he?
  • April: "It sure sounded that way Irma!"
  • Vernon: (smugly) I certainly don't have to worry about that! I'm invaluable to this station!
  • April: Yeah! "They couldn't make a computer with a big enough EGO to replace you!!"


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