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Space Heroes
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Space Heroes
is a fictional science fiction cartoon series that appears in the 2012 TV series. It is a parody of Star Trek: The Animated Series.


Captain Ryan - the leader and cartoon's main hero

Crankshaw - a young ensign who Ryan slaps every time he starts panicking

Dr. Mindstrong - an alien scientist

Commander Grundch - another alien officer


Space Heroes is Leonardo's favorite show and he idolizes the main character, Captain Ryan, as a great hero. 

Leonardo is first shown watching Space Heroes in Rise of the Turtles, Part 1. He memorizes one of Captain Ryan's speeches and quotes it word for word later in the episode. He also imitates Ryan by slapping Michelangelo in an attempt to calm him down.

Leo watches the show again in I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman, Metalhead, Panic in the Sewers, Mousers Attack! and It Came From The Depths. Each time, Space Heroes seems to foreshadow something that will happen later in the episode. For example, in Metalhead, an alien takes control of Dr. Mindstrong by attaching itself to his head. The same thing happens later when a Kraang takes control of Donnie's robot, Metalhead.

There is also a Space Heroes pinball machine in the lair, which Raphael can be seen playing in the opening. Donatello uses the back of a Space Heroes movie poster for his "Hang with April" flowchart in Monkey Brains. The poster is a reference to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ("Space Heroes: The Search for Mindstrong").

In Season 1 of the series Leonardo watches 10 episodes of the show.

The series aparentally ends in Booyaka-Showdown and is replaced by SAMFF, a poorly over-the-top cartoon series imitating it.

Episodes featuring "Space Heroes"


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