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Biographical information

Earth, Northampton, USA



Weapon(s) of choice

Knife (Mirage)
Federation Blaster (2003)


Member of Sid's gang (Mirage)
Bookie (Formerly), Leader of Purple Dragon Northampton branch (2003)


Sid's gang (Mirage)
Purple Dragons Northampton branch (2003)

Physical description




Hair color

Brown (2003)

Eye color

Black (2003)

Out of universe information

Mirage, 2003 series


Mirage Studios

First appearance

A Tale of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Voiced by

Brian Maillard

Teachers and Students
This sections deals with the associate of Sid Jones. For the member of the organization C.R.A.P., see Spuds (C.R.A.P.).

Spuds is an associate of Sid Jones and therefore an enemy of Casey Jones and the Turtles.

Mirage Comics


Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

In the Mirage Comics Spuds, is a friend of Sid and member of his gang of thugs, who accompanied him to the farm of his grandparents, to track down a legendary family treasure of the Jonese's. When Sid held his cousin Casey and April O'Neil at gunpoint to tell him the specified location of the treasure, the Turtles, who were staying at the farm at the time, attracted Sid's followers out of the house. Spuds was lured by Michelangelo into the barn of the farm where the Turtle (who was wrapped in an old fur coat) defeated him.

Cartoon series (2003)

When the Purple Dragons leader Hun, after the disappearance of Utrom Shredder expanded the Dragons to a professional syndicate, Spuds was the field leader of the Northampton branch of the organization, where he and his cronies attempted to establish itself among other gambling and illegal arms trades. In this version of the story Sid had a history of unsuccessfully gambling and had owed Spuds an enormous debt, and to repay this, he tried to get to the legendary family treasure of his grandfather, who had supposedly hidden it on the Jones Farm. To give Sid a little incentive to be on time with the payment, Spuds followed him personally with a group of his people and his personal (and beloved) SUV.

Sid's cousin Casey, his girlfriend April, the Turtles and their master Splinter, were at the time staying on the farm. These were not very scared by the boorish behavior of the invaders and they started picking them off one by one. After Spuds and Sid had been overpowered at last, Casey asked Spud to cancel Sid's debt on the spot. Spuds only agreed after Casey used a captured by the Dragons Federation Blaster to threaten Spuds car, and after he had hastily promised to cancel the debt, he left with his (beat by the Turtles by their actions) comrades. The current whereabouts of Spuds remains unclear.



The word "Spuds" is a colloquial term for potatoes (in the plural).


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