Swampinator was a game which was included in the Gaminator prototype. It is first seen in the Fast Forward episode 'The Gaminator'. It was the second game the TMNT went to, Viral continuing her plans to destroy them.


Features of the Swampinator game include it being just that, a swamp. It had some rocky cliffs and rocks behind it and had a large array of trees and plants surrounding it, the leaves mainly blue. The water was also quite acidic. When the TMNT arrived there, they found Viral once again. Mikey pointed out that the swamp had lots of green and red rocks. He explained that a green rock was OK to touch and would give you health. He also mentioned that the red rocks were lethal, step on one and it's game over. The Turtles used these rocks to effect to escape Viral's bugs and creatures, although they couldn't help making some drama by nearly stepping on a red rock, which was demonstrated by Donatello. It was also difficult as the bugs shot yellowy sticky material. Mikey had this shot into his eyes and had to be saved by Raphael and Leonardo. The bugs were destroyed but suddenly a giant Viral serpent appeared. The Turtles were trapped, until Serling came through a door and they all jumped through it, again, set up by Cody. The Viral serpent hit the rocks, and was destroyed. The TMNT and Serling went to the last game, Copinator.

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