Template:Fanon The TMNT Girls are fictional characters, they are the female versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Characters

  • Venus - After Venus no longer appeared with the turtles, some say she joined with another ninja turtle group known as the TMNT Girls: Talena, Larota and Amoly. She is the new leader of the group. The most sensible and responsible as well the the most skillful. Unlike Leonardo, who uses a twin katana, Venus wields twin tessen.
  • Larota - Larota is Raphs equal. She is the strong fighter and can easily kick over 20 butts by herself. . She made her their protecter. Like Raph, Lara acts like a biker chick and is considered to be the "big cat" in a cat eat cat world. Unlike Raph, who uses twin sai, Lara wields a kusarigama.
  • Talena - The female version of Donatello. Intelligent and a brilliant inventor, she always gets her girls out of a tight jam with her mind. Tally is usually picked on by her sisters because of her intellect, but they often realize that situations call for brains over brawns. Like Don, Taly uses a bo staff.
  • Amoly - The female version of Michelangelo. She is the only one that uses a color different from their male version because her headband is pink, and Mikey's is orange. She is the fun-loving and happy-go-lucky member often taking life a fun game and is a skilled dancer. Amly is the smallest and at times the most cowarding, though she always proves that she is a fantastic member. Unlike Mikey, who uses a pair of nunchaku, Amly wields a manriki.
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    Venus, Larota, Amoly and Talena.

  • Master Splintra - The female version of Master Splinter. In this version, Oraka Saki, killed her husband Tang Shen, Yoshi. She fled to New York and bought four turtles. She took a bath Ooze, and became the mutant rat Splintra.
  • Oraka Saki/The Shredder - The female version of the Shredder.
  • Leon/Karwoi The male version of karai
  • Lina Bradford/CatPound
  • Sheva/FishGirl
  • Andy O' Neil
  • Cassie Jones
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TMNT Girls with Tang Shen

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