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Tang-Shen(TMNT2012) 17
Tang Shen
Biographical information

Tokyo, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan (previous)


Japanese (1/4 Chinese)

Date of death

Tale of the Yokai


Hamato Clan

Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Out of universe information

2012 series

First appearance

Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 (picture)
Tale of the Yokai (live)

Voiced by

Minae Noji

Teachers and Students

Tang Shen was a young woman who married Hamato Yoshi, and killed by Oroku Saki. Her daughter was Miwa. Tang Shen was loved by both Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) and Oroku Saki (The Shredder).

At some point, she married Yoshi and gave birth to their baby daughter, Miwa. A jealous Saki attacked Yoshi in the family's home, and during their battle, Yoshi's house caught fire. While Yoshi survived, Tang Shen did not and Miwa was taken away by The Shredder, who forever blames Yoshi for her death, but he was the one who murdered her by accident while she was trying to stop Saki and Yoshi from killing each other. After this, Yoshi left Japan and moved to New York City. Her death is possibly the reason that Yoshi bought the turtles in the first place.

Shen was a Japanese woman originally from the city of Fukuoka, but her grandfather was Chinese.







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