Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Dimension X Escapade is a set of 12 tea cards written by Marko Veznaver for Brooke Bond teas in the United Kingdom, in 1990. Each card has an illustration of a character or scene on the front, and a brief bio of the character(s) or event on the back, followed by a "Factfile" - trivia related to Turtles history or about Veznaver and his creations.

The cards introduced the "Hippy Hippos", a gang of anthropomorphic hippopotamuses that ride motorcycles, and are tricked by Shredder and Krang into fighting the Turtles until they realize they're on the same side, as well as Robot Wolves, which are dispatched by Krang. These characters were created by Marko Veznaver.

Set List

1. A Hippy Hippo
2. Shredder and Krang
3. Splinter
4. Turtle Meets Hippo
5. Leonardo
6. Krang
7. The Robot Wolves
8. Raphael
9. The Hippy Hippos versus the Robot Wolves
10. Donatello
11. Shredder
12. Michaelangelo