Tmnt 7

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dreamwave's TMNT comics were based on the 2003-2009 TV series and published between June and December 2003. The first four stories are based on episodes of the 2003-2009 TV series, but instead told from the views of supporting characters before developing new stories, just as the original issues of TMNT Adventures followed the 1987-1996 TV series before developing new stories. The Dreamwave comics were canceled after issue #7.[1]

Main series

# Title Publication date
#1 Things Change June, 2003
#2 A Better Mousetrap July, 2003
#3 Attack of the Mousers August, 2003
#4 Meet Casey Jones September, 2003
#5 Shadows of the Mind's Eye October, 2003
#6 Bend It Like Turtles November, 2003
#7 Kali Flower December, 2003



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