Tmnt 7

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dreamwave's TMNT comics were based on the 2003 TV series and published in 2003. The first four stories are based on episodes of the 2003 TV series, but told from the view of supporting characters, before the creation of new stories, just as the original issues of TMNT Adventures followed the 1987 TV series before developing new stories. The comics were canceled after issue #7.

Main Series

# Title Cover Date
#1 Things Change June, 2003
#2 A Better Mousetrap July, 2003
#3 Attack of the Mousers August, 2003
#4 Meet Casey Jones September, 2003
#5 Shadows of the Mind's Eye October, 2003
#6 Bend It Like Turtles November, 2003
#7 Kali Flower December, 2003


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