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TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook 1


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Cover: A.C. Farley & Ryan Brown
Writers: Steve Sullivan, Stanley Wiater and Dean Clarrain
Pencils: A.C. Farley
Inking: Brian Thomas & Jon D'Agostino
Colors Barry Grossman
Typesetter: Robyn Harris

Cap'n Mossback, Captain Agamatta, Charlie Llama, Cherubae, Chien Khan, Chameleon, Cryin' Houn', Cudley the Cowlick, Dimension X, Donatello, Dreadmon, Four Horsemen, Foot Soldiers, Fu Sheng, Ghost, Glublubs, Glyph, Grem, Izanagi & Izanami, Jagwar, Jang La, Juntarra, Katmandu, Kid Terra, Knucklehead, Krang, Leatherhead, Leonardo, Maligna, Mang-Thrasha, Man Ray, Merdude, Michelangelo, Mondo Gecko, Monsterex, Mutagen


This issue features profiles (physical stats, history, powers & weapons, appearance list) for the following characters (“A” through “M”, only) along with the initials of those who researched their history.


Being released in late 1992, this issue featured info up through TMNT Adventures #39.