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TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook 2 (L-Z)

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Cover: A.C. Farley & Ryan Brown
Writers: Steve Sullivan, Stanley Wiater and Dean Clarrain
Pencils: A.C. Farley
Inkers Jon D'Agostino, Eric Talbot, Ryan Brown and A.C. Farley
Colors Barry Grossman
Typesetter Robyn Harris

  • Cover date: March 1993


This issue features profiles (physical stats, history, powers & weapons, appearance list) for the following characters (“N” through “Z”, only) along with the initials of those who researched their history.


  • Being released in early 1993, this issue featured info up through TMNT Adventures #44.
  • This issue mistakenly lists the Rat King’s first appearance as TMNT Adventures #1 rather than TMNT Adventures #11.