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In an alley, Casey Jones and Raphael beat down a purse-snatcher until he surrenders his ill-gotten gain. Unfortunately, their attempt to return the purse to the old lady it was taken from doesn't turn out so well, as she runs off screaming at the sight of Raph. Casey brushes it off; they'll just turn the purse in at the nearest police station. On the way, Raph asks Casey why he didn't stand up against his drunken dad if he's such a good fighter? Casey explains that when his mom died of cancer a year ago, she made him promise to take care of his good-for-nothing father and to not fight with him. Casey's been doing his best to keep that promise. Raph then asks him about the hockey mask. Casey explains that when he graduated from high school, he got a hockey scholarship at New York Tech. Unfortunately, he's currently on academic probation, though he needs the scholarship to pay for rent and food since his dad doesn't work. Unbeknownst to either of them, some members of Old Hob's gang are spying on them.

Down in the sewer lair, Leo, Don and Mikey are busy sparring. As Splinter tutors them, Mike inquires just why Old Hob has been laying into them so hard, recently. Splinter tells them it is not their concern, as the past is the past.

Fifteen months ago, after Splinter, the turtles and the ooze were dropped into an alley by ninja, a stray cat attempts to eat one of the turtles. Splinter and the cat get into a fight, resulting in the cat getting its eye torn out. As soon as the cat retreats, though, the ninja return for the bag they dropped. Splinter manages to pull the bag with the ooze and three of the turtles down a nearby storm drain, escaping the ninja. The next morning, Splinter awakens mutated into an anthropomorphic and intelligent state. Likewise, he finds the Turtles have, as well.

Back in the present, Leo, Don and Mikey head to the surface to search for their missing brother, Raphael, yet again. Tempers ignite as Don insists that they are never going to find him and should instead focus their energies on taking the fight back to Old Hob. Leo refuses such an idea, as they must follow their sensei's command. The pair are about to go at it when Mikey breaks them up. Settling on a compromise, they agree to deal with Old Hob while searching for Raph.

While eating hot dogs, Casey and Raph are bumped into by a pair of hoodlums on the run from the cops. Giving chase, they're lured to a fenced-off dead end where they discover it was all a set up. Casey and Raph then find themselves cornered by Old Hob and his gang.

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