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Biographical information
Physical description
Out of universe information
Teachers and Students

Field list

All fields are optional, except name.

field Description
nocategory if 1 doesn't add [[Category:Characters]].
BG1 color modifier, defaults to #406B2E
BG2 color modifier, defaults to #8DB87A
imageBG Image background color, defaults to #406B2E
image Image of character, example: [[Image:Foot.png|145px]]
name Name of Character
hideb Hide 'Biographical information'
home Where he/she stays?
ethnicity Character's ethnicity
aliases Character's Aliases
nickname Any nickname?
birth When was he/she born?
death When did he/she die?
abilities Character's abilities.
weapon Character's Weapon(s) of choice
occupation Character's occupation
affiliation Organizations that the character is affiliated with.
hidep Hide 'Physical description'
species Character's species
gender Character's gender
height Character's height
weight Character's weight
bandana Character's bandana color
hair Character's hair color
eyes Character's eye color
hideo Hide 'Out of universe information'
era What TV show, comics has he/she been in?
publisher If the character first appeared in a comic, list the publisher of the comic.
debut Character's first appearance.
creator The person(s) who created the character. If more than one person created the character separate the names with "<br />", without quotes.
actor The actor or actress who played the character.
voice The actor or actress who voices the character.
hideg hide ‘Teachers and Students’
family A list of this character's family members.
teacher A list of this character’s teachers.
student A list of this character’s students


Paste the following code into the top of an article, filling the fields needed from that character:

{{Turtle character infobox
| nocategory =
| BG1 =
| BG2 =
| imageBG =
| image =
| name =Hun
| hideb =
| home =New York City
| ethnicity =Caucasian 
| aliases = Hunter Manson,Arnold Jones
| nickname =Fatty(Raphael),Boss(Dragons)
| birth =
| death =Same As It Never Was
| abilities =Super Strong(Not enough to kill Foot Elite)
| weapon =Golden with purple diamonds Glove
| occupation =Purple Dragons Leader
| affiliation =Purple Dragons
| hidep =
| species =Human,Mutant Turtle(TMNT Forever)
| gender =Male
| height = 7' 2"
| weight =500 lbs.
| bandana =
| hair =yeloww
| eyes =black
| hideo =
| era =Mirage,IDW,2003 series,BTTS,videogames 
| publisher =Mirage Studios
| debut =Attack of the Mousers
| creator =Lloyd Goldfine,Peter Laird
| actor =
| voice =Greg Carey 
|family= Casey Jones,Ahnold
|student= Purple Dragons



If you known the species of the character in the 'species' field add
{{Char Species|Species Name}}
If the character is a mutant use the following instead.
{{Char Mutant|Species Name}}
Replace "Species Name" with the name of the species.


If you know what the character has appeared in, in the 'era' field add
{{Char Appear|mirage|1987|movies|archie|anime|nextmutation|2003|fastforward|backtothesewer|videogames|turtlesforever|idw|2012|2014}}
Remove the series that the character has not appeared in.

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