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The Burning Man
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Mirage Studios

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Tales vol. 2 #64

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Tristan Huw Jones

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The Burning Man is a demonic entity that was sealed away in an antique vase. He appeared in Tales vol. 2 #64. During an attempted theft of the vase, Foot Clan operative Lin dropped it, releasing the Burning Man, a flaming skeleton. As the other Turtles were busy with other things, Michelangelo was the only one available to stop Burning Man from scorching beloved philanthropist Li Xiao Yao. Michelangelo stopped the demon with a fire hose, but unfortunately, it was only temporary. After Donatello helped Mike research the demon, Mike went back up to the streets to tail Li Xiao Yao. Mike and the Burning Man scrap again, but this time, Li Xiao Yao combats the skeleton as well, firing energy blasts using a relic known as the Ring of Xiaolong. With some distraction from Michelangelo, Li Xiao Yao destroys the demon.

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