Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

Script: Peter Laird
Pencils: Peter Laird
Inks: Peter Laird
Lettering: Steve Lavigne

  • Major characters: Leonardo, Miyamoto Usagi
  • Originally published in: Usagi Yojimbo #10
  • Cover date: August, 1988
  • Page count: 8


An older Usagi sees two children playing with the impression that samurai are arrogant. He tells a story to them about his younger days. He walked by a river and saw a cloaked priest sleeping nearby. So he took the priest's bow and arrow, and woke him up with the demand to be carried across the river. Halfway across, the priest dove down, leaving Usagi to swim to the shore by himself. The priest soon arose from the water to reveal himself as Leonardo. Usagi recognized him from their earlier meeting, and they fought for a long time, until Usagi slipped in the mud, and Leonardo got the clear advantage. As a turtle of honor, Leonardo let Usagi live. They shook hands and became friends. He finishes by telling the children that it is a good thing to treat others with respect.


  • The old Usagi claims that he and Leonardo "had many adventures" together. The only published later team-ups between them shown are "The Treaty" and "Shades of Green", presumably leaving several untold stories.

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