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Newtralizer is a villainous Salamandrian character.

Television Characters

Action Figures

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  • Mighty Mutanimals 2012 spin off

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    • Leo the Ninja King wrote:I think that Mikey will lead the Mutanimals under his "Turflytle" alias. (he might even come up with the name for t...
    • So, we have 4 members of the team right now, let's talk about possibly new members. I think, Jason (Mondo Gecko, you know), Anton (Bebop) and I...
  • Slash and Newtralizer will join the TMNT

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    • I'm pretty sure that both Slash and Newtralizer will join the turtles and help them combat Shredder and the Foot Clan sometime in the near future.
    • Slash I assume may and look forward to his growing alliance with the Turtles. Newtralizer I'm not so sure about. He doesn't seem to have any c...

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