Tmnt fanon This page is about stuff made by fans.

This article is about unofficial derivative works, like fan fiction or fan art, which are not licensed by, endorsed by or affiliated with Mirage Studios or Viacom, and are not an official part of their published canon.
Some Turtlepedia users self-publish their fan work on this wiki, and may discuss their future plans in the article's talk page. However, some articles for fan works are not written with any involvement from the fan work's creators themselves, and are not necessarily an authoritative reflection of the fan work's content.

The Spicy Street Fight

I am writing a fan story that will be a huge hit when it is done.





The Shredder's grip is tightening on the entire planet. Meanwhile, the Turtles have gone on vacation, unaware of what is going on. Sensing a chance of taking the entire country over, Shredder and Krang have unleashed the Technodrome at its full power. Upon returning to New York city, The Turtles uncover the Foot's plans and, gathering a group of friends, the Turtles set off to save New York.

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