Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

Script: Unknown
Pencils: Jim Lawson
Inks: Ryan Brown
Lettering: Steve Lavigne


In an alley, Raph is stumbling around, apparently suffering from memory loss. He last recalls being in New York with his brothers before suddenly being engulfed in a bright light. Next thing he knew, he was on another planet and his brothers were trying to kill him. He thinks the composition of the atmosphere of whatever planet they’re on is causing his brothers to go crazy.

Needing to defend himself, Raph breaks into a nearby gun store and absconds with a laser pistol. He then decides to hunt down and kill the other Turtles before they can kill him.

Raph spots Leo edging around a street corner, also bearing a laser gun. Raph gets the drop on him, shooting him through the chest. He then leaps up to a fire escape and waits patiently for Mikey to come sneaking by below. Raph shoots him dead, remarking that it’s a dishonorable way to die. Raph then scales to the roof of the building for a place to hide.

Don climbs up the other side of the building and spots Raph’s bandana on the other side of a ledge. Thinking he’s got the drop on his brother, Don surprises him with his own laser gun, only to discover that Raph has tied his bandana around a chimney pipe. Before Don can realize he’s been set up, Raph moves in for the kill and shoots him.

As Raph ponders his grim work, Leo, Mike and Don gather up to congratulate Raph for winning their game of laser tag. Raph, having imagined the whole scenario, comes to and says that he just really got into it.

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