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Tiger claw TMNT
Tiger Claw
Biographical information

Earth, Japan





Weapon(s) of choice

Various modified firearms, Sword


Foot Clan

Physical description

Mutant Tiger (formerly human)



Hair color

Orange, black, white

Bandana color

Blue Scarf

Eye color


Out of universe information

2012 series

First appearance

The Manhattan Project

Voiced by

Eric Bauza

Teachers and Students



"This is the Foot Clan you promised me? I must say Master Shredder, I am disappointed."
— Tiger Claw speaking to Shredder

Tiger Claw is a Mutant tiger assassin/bounty hunter, who becomes an ally of The Shredder.


Tiger Claw was mutated as a young Japanese boy and grew up as a circus performer, before becoming a part of the criminal underworld. He has excellent Martial Art skills and is also the Shredder's most dreaded, yet revered assassin and bounty hunter from Japan (Shredder finds him on his journey to Japan and enlists him as his newest henchman). Tiger Claw lost his tail during a duel, and has been relentlessly searching for the person who took it from him with a vow to make him pay. He has traveled many lands - and his weapons are only prizes of his conquests.

In the episode "The Manhattan Project", Shredder returns from his sojourn in Japan for a few months, only to reveal that he brought back Tiger Claw, whom he calls the "most feared assassin in all of Asia". Instantly, Karai is dismissive of him, and her feelings turn even more sour once Shredder tells her that he will be replacing her with Tiger Claw as his brand new second-in-command.

The Shredder tells Tiger Claw to find and capture Splinter and the Turtles, commanding Karai to follow Tiger Claw's orders...Tiger Claw quickly locates and fights the Turtles, and he ultimately forces them to call upon Splinter by threatening to kill Michelangelo. Splinter arrives and seems to have the upper hand throughout most of the battle, but he is then shot in the neck by Karai's poison dart. With his final ounces of strength, Splinter throws Shuriken at the ropes binding his sons and tells them to flee immediately.

Tiger Claw and Karai then take an unconscious Splinter back to Foot Headquarters, and Tiger Claw pours a bucket of water on him to wake him up. The Shredder prepares to execute the rat, when Karai convinces him to let him meet his end in combat and with honor. With some persuading from Tiger Claw, The Shredder agrees. The Turtles soon regroup and interrupt, brawling with The Foot to save Splinter.

Following the Turtles, Tiger Claw, Karai, Rahzar, and Fishface quickly catch up and attack all of them on a rooftop. During the fight, Tiger Claw is knocked onto a fire escape. When he leaps back up to get back into the fight, he seemingly meets his demise when he falls into the huge mouth of a Kraathatrogon that April and Casey had just ridden up to the surface before being pulled through the portal and into the 1987 TMNT's universe.


Tiger Claw has a big sword sharp & ready for hand-to-hand combat, but his two main weapons of choice are modified pistols which can blast both red lasers and freeze rays - and he also has nets for capturing his adversaries. Tiger Claw also has a jetpack on his back for both evasion and escape.


  • Tiger Claw in Japanese is Tora No Tsume, which is also a type of katana sword.


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