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Toad Baron
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Den of Delights


Pantheon (IDW)

Physical description

Anthropomorphic Toad Deity



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IDW Publishing

First appearance

Toad Baron's Ball, part 1

Created by

Sophie Campbell
Bobby Curnow
Brahm Revel

Teachers and Students

The Toad Baron is a member of the Pantheon, debuting in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #9. He is hedonistic and self-indulgent, rejoicing in getting others to live hedonistically as well. He employs an entire staff of frog minions at his Den of Delights, whose head of staff is a moustachioed frog named Alberto.

He was responsible for the abduction of Angel and Alopex, whom he drew to the Den and forced to take part in his festivities against their will. He fully expected them to eventually give in and remain there happily forever, but was aghast when the two warriors began fighting and smashing things in order to get him to throw them out. He finally obliged, outraged by their ingratitude.

Shortly afterwards, he was the host for the Pantheon family reunion. During the proceedings, the family discovered that the Turtles had infiltrated the Den and were spying on them. Unlike his family, the Toad Baron did not seem interested in hunting down the Turtles so much as stopping the destruction of his home.



  • Toad Baron's creator, Sophie Campbell, strongly dislikes frogs and toads, and deliberately intended Toad Baron and his minions to be disgusting to readers who also dislike frogs and toads.