The Sewer Snappin' Turtle!

Vital Toktistics

Accessories: Snappin' Scimitar Choppin' Chuks. Sicko Sai, Big Bad Stick, Belly Bustin' Belt
Favorite Master: Super Shredder
Favorite Food: Mashed-up Mutant Land Turtles!
Age: 2 mutant years old (730 days for you and me!)

Tokka's big, bad and ugly. And what's more - beware of his beastly brainless baby bite! Using stolen Retromutagen Ooze taken from the movie, "The Secret of the Ooze," ol' Shredhead created this generic junior to combat the Green Teens. Like any good sinister son, Tokka will do anything to please Shredder and become a full grown member of the Foot Clan. That's right! Tokka's still growing! And every time this spiked-shelled sea turtle sees the Turtles, it makes him seasick. His bulgin' baby body doesn't permit him to seek out the Turtles in the sewers. (He once got stuck in a manhole as the Turtles teased and tickled his sewer-soaked soles.) So Tokka takes to the streets, tearing down telephone poles with his mutant friend, Rahzar. But Tokka's a real retaliatin' reptile! Gripping his sinister scimitar and choppin' chuks, Tokka's a terrorizin' tike who's trapped in his terrible twos! Now the Turtles are up against one celluloid sicko who snaps!


Tokka was originally issued with brown highlights.

Some of the molds used to make Slash were used in this figure's creation. Only the head and arms are new parts.

The weapons released with Tokka were also released with Slash only in magenta.