The Head Turnin’ Toon Turtle!

Vital Toontistics

Toon Tools: Animated Toon Telvevison, Toon Sais, Turtle Communicator, Toon Turtle Pizza Disc
Favorite Schtick: Pie-in-the-face
Favorite Saying: ”Draw me another slice of pizza!”

‘Round and ’round Raph’s head goes – and where it stops, only he knows. This TV sewer star is walkin’ ‘n talkin’ right here in the real world! Raph is ready to battle the best characters the Foot can draw up against him. Armed with his Scene-splittin’ Toon Sais, the only known Toon Tool available in 6 million different colors, Raph will straighten out any sicko scribble skull who dares to go outside the lines. Raph’s on the scene with spectacular shell shellac, the best in protective paint. And with his 360 degree corkscrew cranium, he’s one tough Toon with an amphibious attitude. And don’t forget, doodle dudes, this Turtle Toon can see everything: front, sides and behind. So keep your eyes on Toon Raph – and he’ll keep his eyes on everyone else.