The World Dominating Dunderhead!

Vital Toontistics

Toon Tools: Animated Toon Television,Cutting Armor,Scribble Sword,Ninja Stars,Doodlin' Fist Daggers,Kama
Favorite Snack: Cold Turtle Soup
Favorite Pastime: Attempting World Domination
He's tall, he's tough, he's in full Toon color! He's Shredder, the evil head of the notorious Foot Clan-and now he's out of the T.V. and takin' over the real world. Can no one stop this multi-colored madman from destroying all that we hold dear and near to our hearts? Can no one protect us from his animated army of Foot fighters? Is there no hope for civilization? Just look at the weapons they drew for this guy: Cutting armor, great for gratin' good guys. Next he's armed with his scribble sword, and yes, it's very sharp. Two ninja stars for tossin' at the Turtle teens. Not to mention his doodlin' fist daggers and kama. And worst of all, he's not afraid to use them! Shredder fights a never-endin' battle against truth, justice, and the American way. Basically, he's not a nice guy.