Traag Archie
General Traag
Biographical information

Dimension X


Lader of Krang’s Stone Warriors.


Stone Warriors

Physical description

Rock Soldier



Eye color


Out of universe information


First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures - Heroes in a Half-Shell, Part 2

Teachers and Students



General Traag and his Army appear in the Archie TMNT Adventures Comics 1988 kick-off 3 parter, "Heroes in a Half-Shell", second and third parts.

This is a direct comic adaptation of the original 1987 TV series mini-series.

As the Neutrinos blast their way out of the Technodrome, they are quickly pursued by another denizen of Dimension X: General Traag, leader of Krang’s Stone Warriors! As the Neutrinos escape to the surface, General Traag is shocked to see his commander, Krang, in his bodiless state. Krang orders Traag to stop the Neutrinos. The Turtles, April and the Neutrinos escape to the sewer and Traag uses a device to turn New York’s weather into total chaos. After a skirmish, Traag and the Neutrinos return to Dimension X. Krang opens the portal to Dimension X and tells General Traag to standby for the impending invasion of Earth.

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