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Triceraton All-Star Team
Biographical information

Triceraton homeworld


Melee and weapon skills

Weapon(s) of choice

Individual weapons (Short swords, Kusarigama , Three section staff, Lajatang, Triceratons blaster)


Gladiators, resistance fighters


Triceraton Republic, Rebellions

Physical description




Eye color


Out of universe information

Mirage, 2003 series


Mirage Studios

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 6 (Mirage)

Created by

Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird

Voiced by

David Zen Mansley (Monza Ram)

Teachers and Students

The Triceraton Gladiator All-Star Team was a team of four Triceraton gladiators that fought the Ninja Turtles in the Tri-Sports Arena, led by Monza Ram.


Mirage Comics


Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

Monza Ram and his team (Daz Ublem from Bakklo, Mixx Trolo from the starcruiser Zalum, and Xiote Damaz from Molox) were once a popular team of fighters in the Triceraton Tri-Sports Arena. In contrast to other gladiators who had to fight mostly under duress in the arena of life and death, they were rather free gladiators who went for glory and honor in battle.

Monza Ram and his people were called to the arena by the Supreme Leader of the Triceratons, Zanramon, because his latest prisoners and arena fighters, were the Ninja Turtles, and also to have Professor Honeycutt see the life sake of his new friends threatened, to force him to build his transmat that Zanramon wanted to use as an ultimate weapon to massacre the Federation. The Turtles, however, managed to kill the entire team in a duel. (TMNT Vol.1 # 6)

2003 cartoon

The history of the All-Star team was different in the 2003 animated television series by several factors. After their ignominious defeat by the Turtles (which they survived as opposed to the comics), the All-Stars were disgraced and by order of Zanramon were put in jail. Traximus, himself a former gladiator and resistance fighter, freed Monza Ram and his men from captivity, to which they swore allegiance to him and joined his rebel movement. Monza Ram personally helped the Turtles, during the Triceraton invasion of earth, free their brother Donatello, who was held captive on the Triceraton Homeworld, steal Zanramons space cruiser right from under his nose, and escape from the base ship.



  • In the original Mirage comic, the All-Star members were all mentioned by name. Monza Ram, Daz Ublem, Mixx Trolo and Xiote Damaz. Who had each name is still unknown. Though in the 2003 TV series, Monza Ram kept his name while the other members lost theirs for some unknown reason.

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