Turtle Arena is a free and open source cross-platform third-person action game using a modified version of the ioquake3 engine. Turtle Arena is an unofficial Ninja Turtle fangame. It's primaily multiplayer focused (with multiple game modes) and can be played with human and AI players. There is an incomplete single player / cooperative reach the end of the level mode, which only has 2 place holder levels and 1 boss with no other enemies.


  • Four playable characters (Leo, Don, Raph, and Mike).
  • 7 playable game modes (Single Player/Co-op, Free For All, Dual, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag (CTF), 1 Flag CTF, Overload).
  • Play versus AI players in different game modes.
  • 2 Single Player/Co-op maps and 4 multiplayer maps.
  • Internet (and local network) multiplayer.
  • Four Player Splitscreen.


  • id software
  • ioquake3 contributors
  • ZTurtleMan
  • ...and many, many more. See website for details.

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