The Turtle Mech is a giant turtle-like mecha created by Donatello to protect the Earth from the Kraang invasion.

The Turtle Mech was first seen at the end of Plan 10, when Donnie designed a quick draft of it on paper. At first, Donnie didn't have an adequately power source for such a construction, which was remedied near the end of Into Dimension X when Michelangelo obtained one for him just before the Turtles left Dimension X.

The Turtle Mech had been completed by the beginning of The Invasion, Part 1. In The Invasion, Part 2, it was manned by April, Donnie, Mikey and Raph as they tried to battle Kraang Prime. This ultimately failed, as they were successful at disabling Kraang Prime's Ultimate Kraangdroid, only for Kraang Prime to leave her suit and attack the Turtle Mech in person. By the point, the Turtle Mech's circuits were already too fried to operate and continue defending Kraang Prime's attacks, so the four pilots quickly abandoned the Turtle Mech in the middle of the street before joining Casey and Leonardo in the Party Wagon to flee New York City. Kraang Prime pushed over the abandoned Turtle Mech, but it appeared to remain otherwise intact.

The turtles recovered the Turtle Mech off-screen and in "Attack of the Mega Shredder!", it was fully repaired and used to defeat the Mega Shredder.


  • It takes 4 pilots and the stations were assigned to each character according to the Super Robo Mecha Force Five! cartoon with Lunk/Raph controlling the right arm, Mikey/Squeakums the left arm, Princess/April the left leg and Dr. Blip/Donnie the right one. No sign of Leo, because he was already out of the fight with severe injuries after a previous solo fight against the entire Foot Clan.
  • The mech is so big Donnie couldn't find an energy source powerful enough for it until the team went to Dimension X and Mikey broke off a piece of a power crystal.