FANDOM my nickname for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The new rebooted 2018 animated series, this time as a light-hearted comedy.

The thing is, wasn't the 2012 TV series already a lot more of a light-hearted comedy than Mirage TMNT or IDW TMNT? Get too much more light-hearted, and you have the storytelling equivalent of pure junkfood.

I guess I can understand Viacom doing stuff like this and then doubling down on it. But what I'd really like to see one of these days is a more serious-toned television (or webisode) series primarily for adults, with more of a Mirage- or IDW-like tone. Something unapologetically for the adult frame of mind, and not merely catering to the inner child of adults who see TMNT primarily as a childhood nostalgia. And when I say "adult frame of mind," I don't mean tons of sex or gore either (though mature themes may certainly be present)—I mean storytelling, characterization, audience surrogacy, etc. that gets into the minds of fully-grown adults much more than the minds of children (or adult inner children).

That is not to say that there can't be humor or comedy or something that can appeal to the young and young-at-heart in a more mature TMNT work. But for decades I have craved TMNT media that doesn't assume I as a Generation X (or even a Millennial) adult was once primarily (or in any way) a 1987 TV series fan. There is plenty of TMNT media for adults that doesn't make these assumptions, but thus far little to nothing like this in animation or film format. This needs to change.

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