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Manx aka Verminator-X
Biographical information

Shredder, Armaggon

Physical description

Mutant Cat



Hair color


Eye color

Black and cybernetic red

Out of universe information


Teachers and Students

Donatello (Future)


Verminator-X (real name Manx) is an anthropomorphic half-cat, half-machine, that appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures.


In the future, Manx is the apprentice of Donatello. However, Manx begins augmenting his body with cybernetics, which causes him to grow insane. He then allies with the Shredder and Armaggon. Verminator X made one last attempt to destroy the TMNT and allied himself with Craniac. He is only apparent in the future timelines, and eventually has a Catharsis in a controversial book (Part 5 of the second Future Turtles storyline, based on the Action Figure franchise in which the turtles have mechanized suits and rocket-launcher fists) in which Raphael is willing to kill him for the greater good[1], resulting in destroying the machine that had taken-over and poisoned Verminator's mind. At the end of this arc, ultimately Verminator survives and becomes the heroic Manx once again rejoining his friends.

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