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2003 TV series

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The Entity Below

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Caren Manuel

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Versallia is one of the ancient Y'Lyntians from thousands of years ago. She appeared in the 2003 TV series.

Character history

Versallia was one of the Y'Lyntian dissidents who detested the way their people ruled the world with an iron fist and turned unfitting slaves into mutants. She managed to escape notice of her people, who were taking down dissidents who tried to escape Atlantis. She, as the only female Y'Lyntian, soon joined a number of Y'Lyntians after the revolt against Atlantis that resulted in the continent's submerging, where they made an underground city under what would be New York City. When the Crystal Moon, a fragment of the original Sun Crystal which had powered the Island of Y'Lyntis, began to lose power, all Y'Lyntians went into crystal suspension until the next planetary alignment would recharge the crystal so the Y'Lyntians could use its powers once again.

When the alignment happened, all crystals were supercharged. The Y'Lyntians awoke from suspension and prepared to use the crystal to raise the city back to the surface, a plan which would destroy all other life on Earth since it would disrupt the planet's tectonical and climatic integrity. When the Turtles investigated the underground city following the recharge of a crystal fragment they had in their possession, Versallia was among the numerous Y'Lyntian citizens who lured them into a holding cell, but she broke them out and showed them the true history of Atlantis. With all facts revealed, the Turtles and Versallia resolved to make sure the High Council (of which the Turtles' old enemy, the Entity, was part) would never raised Atlantis, and Versallia provided her allies with crystal armor and weaponry which could fight the Y'Lyntian lava monsters.

The plan worked, and the underground city was destroyed. Having lost her home, Versallia left to find colonies of other moderate-minded Y'Lyntians like herself.