Alien Internet Menace!

Cool Features and Accessories!

  • Holographic red body
  • Creepy claw hands
  • Particle wave whip (snaps onto forearm)
  • Bio-electric blasting blade!
  • Omni-adaptive living circuitry
  • Metallic Medusian hair
  • Stinging silicone skin


Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hobby: Email Chain Letters
Vehicle: Fiber Optic Cables
Weapon: Particle Whip


"Talk about your bad infections! Meet Viral, the malevolent alien who's infiltrated the data-streams and Internet feeds of the Fast Forward future! With 90% of New Manhattan's transportation and information systems on-line, Viral casts her evil electronic web far and wide as she tries to bring the city to its knees! It's up to the combined techno-savvy brainpower of Donatello and Cody Jones to outsmart and out-program her!"

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