Biographical information


Weapon(s) of choice

Eliminating Elephant Gun, Bring 'em Back Boomerang


Crocodile Hunter



Physical description

Mutant Kangaroo




240 lbs.

Hair color


Out of universe information
Teachers and Students

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the sewers is another land down under – a place called Australia. It’s outback country, mostly. And there’s not much to do there besides hunting crocodiles and talkin’ a gutful to ratbags and deadheads. That’s why Walkabout took for the States like a possum up a gum tree. He heard all about the Turtles havin’ to do the lolly to make sure the city stays fair dinkum from the Foot Clan. To make himself feel at home, Walkabout became a swagman and lived down under – in the sewers, that is. That’s how he made mates of the Turtle Teens. Together, they chuck a willy against Shredder and his motley hoons. And when the boomerang’s hung up for the day, the greenies and Walkabout kick back and enjoy "pizza on the barbie."

Walkabout is accompanied by his sidekick Kid Kangie.

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