The Super Stupid Shell Smasher!


Accessories: Laser Wrist Rifle, Chilling Chainsaw Sword, Poke 'em Pry Bar, Gold Metallized Kowabunga Collector's Coin

And so it came to pass that the world's balance of power had shifted due to the displacement of the secret Mutant treasure - the Metallized Kowabunga Coins. Shredder has sent his dumb but willing warrior out to scatter the Coins, knowing they would create a pro-Foot flux - and that's just what happened. To ensure success, the bumbling, brain-challenged Warrior Rocksteady has been given his orders - smash Warrior Metalhead Michaelangelo before he can find all of the Metallized Kowabunga Coins. Warrior Rocksteady is ready to please and ready to pound. Armed with a fully loaded Laser Wrist Rifle and Poke 'em Pry Bar, Warrior Rocksteady has become one Turtle-poundin' powerhouse. This riled rhino is completely loyal to the evil Shredder and will stop at nothing to stop Metalhead Michaelangelo. Smashin' everything in his path, Warrior Rocksteady joins his other warring warriors, Bebop, Chrome Dome, Rahzar, and yes, even Warrior Winged Leonardo and Donatello. Is there no hope? Reuniting the Metallized Kowabunga Coins is the only way to restore balance and return the city to its Foot-under-control status that it once enjoyed. So hold tight and get ready for the ultimate, quintessential brains versus brawn brawl!


This figure is a repainted version of the 1993 figure, Robotic Rocksteady. Due to the method of painting used on this figure, over time, most figures, even those left mint on the card, have begun to have major paint flaking, and as such, it is nigh impossible to find any figures in perfect condition.