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Water Mystic
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Water Ninja


Elemental water manipulation


Herald of Shredder


Tengu Shredder, Foot Mystics, Foot Clan

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Tengu Shredder


The Water Mystic was one of the five Foot Mystics who are loyal to the Tengu Shredder in the 2003 TV series. He was voiced by Brian Maillard. The Water Mystic was the Mystic responsible for tricking Baxter Stockman into destroying Heart of Tengu.


The Water Mystic is seen with less progress in his first appearance as he can only make waves of water and choking giant bubbles that submerges someone and drown them. He is also capable of creating walls of ice as well as freezing.


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The Water Mystic in his first appearance

His first appearance is in the episode "Return to New York, Part 2", where Raphael fights him. Since Raphael is unable to touch the watery enemy, the Water Mystic traps him inside of a bubble for the rest of the fight. The Water Mystic is then defeated by Splinter using the Sword of Tengu. He later reappears in several episodes of the 2003 TV series.

The Water Mystic also appears in the 2003 video game, and the DS version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare. - van

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